Dear Edward season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Chrysalis

The fourth episode of Dear Edward sees Edward enrolling in a public school. However, his experience is anything but enjoyable. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Edward joins Riverview, the school that Shay attends. The other students stare at him and make him uncomfortable.

When Dee Dee tries to cancel Charles’ services, a teenager named T comes to the condo to pick up their belongings. They tell her that Charles helped them by allowing them to stay here.

Dee Dee asks them about the man with her husband in the picture that she found and discovers that the man is Evan. T can only assume whether Charles was gay or not, as they do not know anything about his relationship with Evan.

Lacey and John look at the letters that people have sent Edward. Lacey has opened a few of them, and some of them are full of hate. Lacey asks John to take the letters to his workplace and keep them there.

Natalie, Adriana’s campaign manager, warns her that everything that she does now will be scrutinized by the public, including the fact that Kojo and Becks are living with her.

At the support group, Amanda shares her pain, but when a man named Steve shows up, she angrily leaves. Steve does not know her. Amanda tells him that she was engaged to his brother Brent and does not want him to come to the support group.

Edward admits that he cannot look at Lacey’s face because it reminds him of his dead mother.

Dee Dee visits Noelle at her LGBTQ center. Noelle tells her that Charles helped several children who had nowhere to go. When questioned, Noelle confesses that Charles was exploring his sexual identity, but he never told her if he was gay.

Edward wears Jordan’s jacket. He sees Jordan again, and his brother asks him not to perform well on his evaluation test because then he will be sent to a higher grade. He advises him to go to study with children his age, as people like cool kids, not smart kids.

Lacey admits to the members of the support group that all her life, she was jealous of her sister, who was always good at everything she did. She is comforted by a man named Sam, who tells her that at least she recognized her sister for what she was.

Kojo wants to hold a traditional Ghanaian funeral for his sister, which involves dancing, singing, partying, and decorating the casket. He asks Becks to come up with a design for the casket, and she draws a butterfly.

Kojo invites Adriana to the funeral, and she gladly accepts the invitation. Adriana meets Reverend Eric to arrange a better venue for the funeral at short notice. Eric agrees to give her the church grounds, and Adriana kisses him before leaving.

Edward deliberately fails the evaluation test. He wears Jordan’s jacket to school and refuses to take it off, even though he is sweating. Shay defends him, but the teacher insists that he get rid of it, which results in him running away.

Dee Dee visits Evan, who tells her that Charles lost everything in an import deal that seemed too good to be true. Evan also lost some money and ended up in rehab. The two men helped each other and had a sexual relationship.

A worried Shay asks Lacey to talk to Edward. When Lacey tries to speak to him about what happened at school, he assures her that he is fine, so Lacey shares a memory of Jane with him and tells him about how great his mother was.

Dee Dee meets T at their workplace and gives them an expensive watch that she bought for Charles. She wants T to do whatever they wish with the watch.

At Akua’s funeral, Adriana comforts Becks. Eric watches her happily dance with Becks and Kojo, naturally getting along with them. Kojo notices all this.

Steve meets Amanda, who confronts him about not giving his brother a second chance when he reached out to him. Steve tells her that Brent was an addict and he broke his parents’ hearts over and over again.

Steve was just trying to protect his parents, but he now realizes that he made a mistake, and he would do anything to change the past. Amanda tells him that he can come to the support group if he wants, but she might distance herself from him as he reminds her of Brent.

Edward gives Jordan’s jacket to Shay, as he believes it will never fit him. He proceeds to sleep on the floor in her room and softly confesses that he does not know who he is. Shay assures him that he is not alone.


  • Akua’s funeral is carried out in a way that perfectly depicts the sadness of the characters, without making it too dramatic, as well as shows that they are moving forward in their lives.
  • Lacey and Edward’s conversation is something that both the characters needed. Lacey needed to admit that her sister was great without feeling jealous of her, and Edward needed to know that his brother was great as well, but he does not need to be him.
  • Furthermore, the episode indicates that Edward might soon become the most important person in Lacey’s life. Just like the beautiful costume, Jane has given Edward to her. Lacey might learn to see him as hers and cherish him.
  • This episode also dealt with the question of Edward’s identity. He tried being more like his brother to fit in at school, but the conversation with Lacey helps him understand that he cannot be like his brother. Edward will need to find his place in the world without his brother beside him.
Dear Edward season 1 episode 4
Dear Edward season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Chrysalis 1

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