Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 7 recap & review: The Very Average Laws of Attraction

In Crash Course in Romance episode 7, Hae-e comes on top in the mock exam while Chi-Yeol finds himself falling for his student’s mother.


Hae-e has come on top at the mock exam and Su-a is livid. Her troubles are further compounded by an inexplicable stomach ache. While resting on the bed at the medical care, her mother advises her not to drink so many energy drinks.

However, the source of the problem seems to be something else as letters and numbers on the sheet begin to float and hover aimlessly in her perception.

Meanwhile, Geon-Hu and Hae-e continue to grow close as the former’s rivalry with Sun-Jae grows as well; at PE, the two have a minor scuffle during a basketball match.

After learning about it from her daughter, Su-Hui calls Ms. Jang and rats Sun-Jae out, telling her to better keep her son in check. Ms. Jang lashes out at Sun-Jae on phone, but he warns her that he’ll never see her again should she confront Haeng-Seon about him helping Hae-e out.

Su-Hui, as well as other parents, are all worked up about Hae-e scoring the highest marks, and while Su-Hui opines that it’s all because of Sun-Jae sharing the Pride Academy worksheets with her, other parents find it dubious that Hae-e can score the highest only because of that.

They think that a likelier case would be Hae-e’s rich dad being able to afford an expensive tutor for her. Meanwhile, Detective Bae continues his investigations into Hui-Jae who he failed to nab the other day.

Surprisingly, while his superior lashes out at him for investigating in his stead and going to Haeng-Seon’s shop for questioning, Detective Song helps him and shows support.

Ms. Jang happens to overhear Detective Bae on his way out of Haeng-Seon’s shop and his report about the teenager attacking people with metal balls. At home, she rummages around Hui-Jae’s room and comes across the metal balls, which she confronts him about, but he violently throws her out of his room.

Haeng-Seong throws a party for her close ones at home and insists that Chi-Yeol joins them too. The drink-downing match between her and Yeong-Ju gets more intense when the two decide to compete in another sport, this one with teams.

Haeng-Seon, Yeong-Ju, and Hae-e go against Chi-Yeol, Jae-Woo, and Mr. Ji. Chi-Yeol is competitive but an utter lack of athleticism only gives him defeat every time, and ultimately a hand injury, but not before he suddenly finds himself swayed by Haeng-Seon as he starts falling for her.

Later, she takes him to the doctor that she has been visiting since her handball days, and despite his lack of belief in acupuncture and other alternative medicine, he finds himself on board this unofficial date.

Meanwhile, he freaks out at his therapist’s office, unprepared to accept that he’s falling for the mother of his student. The doctor advises him to seek out other women who eventually might help him subside these feelings for Haeng-Seon.

He ends up meeting a new woman too, who Ms. Jung at the academy sets him up with. On their date, the woman, who’s a pianist and quite honest, on top of being intelligent and beautiful, ends up charming Chi-Yeol, who takes this as a sign that everything is normal and he’ll get out of his feelings for Haeng-Seon soon.

However, that’s nothing but misguided optimism as he finds himself nervous and swayed by Haeng-Seon later on. Meanwhile, Yi-Sang learns that Chi-Yeol has been tutoring Hae-e on the side.

Crash Course in Romance episode 7 ends with Chi-Yeol being taken to a restaurant that Haeng-Seon’s mother used to run when she was alive. Chi-Yeol is shocked to see that it’s the same restaurant the owner of which used to be so kind to him during his difficult days.


  • Crash Course in Romance episode 7 gears up on the romance between the central characters and it’s about the right time that it did that.
  • In addition to speeding up the aforementioned storyline, though, the show has also introduced a love triangle to impart mileage enough for possibly several episodes since the final episode is still quite far.
  • Meanwhile, Sun-Jae and Geon-Hu’s rivalry has started becoming bitter as Hae-e seems to be inclined towards the latter and Sun-Jae’s unrequited feelings remain unexpressed too.
  • Detective Bae’s hot on Hui-Jae’s trail and it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out, especially with his mother onto his suspicious activities.
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 7
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 7 recap & review: The Very Average Laws of Attraction 1

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