Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 14 recap & review: Find the Unique Solution

In Crash Course in Romance episode 14, Sun-Jae goes through the emotional wringer as Hae-e’s situation becomes delicate; Chi-Yeol learns the true identity of Ji Dong-Hui.


A flashback reveals Hae-e witnessing Dong-Hui trying to attack Haeng-Seon with his slingshot, following which he kidnaps her and keeps her inside his house. Hae-e eventually manages to make a run for it before getting hit by a car, something that allows Dong-Hui to get a hold of her phone and type a bogus suicide note.

While the detectives think the note points to the most probable cause of Hae-e’s coma, Haeng-Seon relentlessly insists that they investigate it more, as she finds a weird brownish-orange stain on Hae-e’s palm.

Sun-Jae confronts his mother again and asks her to come clean together in front of the school authorities, but she denies it again, citing his future and career as the excuse. Sun-Jae asks her if her excellent career has made her happy, which eventually helps her realize just how far she has spiraled down into the obsession with her societal image and status.

When Sun-Jae can’t bear students talking and gossipping about Hae-e’s condition and her blank exam paper, he takes to the terrace and tries to jump off to his death. However, Geon-Hu arrives in the nick of time and drags Sun-Jae down from the ledge.

He then has to snap Sun-Jae out of his defeated trance by pinning him down. It works, and Sun-Jae gets up and goes to his homeroom teacher, confessing to him about the paper leak and cheating.

Meanwhile, Chi-Yeol is brought into questioning by the detectives and told that he’s been at the center of all the deaths that have taken place recently. They also check whether his index finger is calloused or not, as per Hui-Jae’s testimony, and find that it’s not.

Detective Song later asks him if he knows who Jeong Seong-Hyeon is, and when Chi-Yeol expresses his cluelessness, the detective asks if the name Su-Hyeon rings any bells, and it definitely does.

Before the revelation, however, Chi-Yeol has a fight with Dong-Hui when he learns that he went ahead with the math camp preparations despite his clear orders to inform Director Kang of the contrary. Chi-Yeol lashes out and so does Dong-Hui, raising his audacity enough to say that it’s not like Haeng-Seon’s daughter died or anything.

Following this bombshell, Chi-Yeol tells his assistant that he can no longer work with him. While everyone else on his team is shocked, Dong-Hui packs his stuff and leaves the academy.

Later on, in Crash Course in Romance episode 14, Dong-Hui arrives at Chi-Yeol’s doorstep and begs for the star teacher’s forgiveness. Chi-Yeol forgives him, shaking hands on it but only to figure out if Dong-Hui’s index finger is calloused or not.

Chi-Yeol has done the maths and figured out Dong-Hui’s true identity as the brother of Jeong Su-Hyeon. Earlier in the episode, he also shares his suspicions with Haeng-Seon, showing her the sheet that has the same browning orange ink that was on Hae-e’s palms.

Detective Song returns to Seong-Hyeon’s old house and learns from the security guard that the kid used to shoot metal balls when he lived there. At the school, the result sheet is updated and everyone, along with the parents learns about the leak that happened.

Crash Course in Romance episode 14 ends with Chi-Yeol following Dong-Hui aka Seong-Hyeon to his house and looking on at him as he enters his home with shock and disbelief.


  • Dong-Hui’s real identity is made clear to Chi-Yeol, and it seems that all is set and ready for the assistant’s immediate arrest. However, with two more episodes left in the canon, it’s possible that the stakes are going to get a bit higher before a drastic finale takes place.
  • A heavy load must have alleviated off of Sun-Jae’s conscience as he finally comes clean about the leak, and it seems that in spite of a major public humiliation and other ramifications, his mother might be steered off to the right path in her life finally.
  • Dong-Hui’s obsession with Chi-Yeol is most definitely in its final form now, and the final episodes of Crash Course in Romance may see him slinging the metal balls left and right, and anyone can be a target of his mania.
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 14
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 14 recap & review: Find the Unique Solution 1

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