Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 12 recap & review: Point of Intersection between Comedy and Tragedy

In Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 12, Hui-Jae’s arrest makes his family concerned; Haeng-Seon and Chi-Yeol have their first fight.


Hui-Jae is arrested and Haeng-Seon keeps a grieving and wallowing Sun-Jae company at the police station. Ms. Jang eventually arrives there and asks Sun-Jae to go home and study for his exams.

Meanwhile, Su-Hui spreads the information of what just transpired with Sun-Jae’s family and the truth about his older brother to the rest of the program moms.

When Hae-e feels worried about Sun-Jae, Geon-Hu cheers her up by taking her ice skating. However, her worries don’t end there. Later, she meets Sun-Jae, who instantly embraces her, as she consoles him.

Dong-Hui turns out to be Jeong Seong-Hyeon, Su-Hyeon’s brother. However, Chi-Yeol is still oblivious to his true identity. Meanwhile, Dong-Hui works hard to keep Chi-Yeol busy so that he doesn’t spend time with Haeng-Seon anymore.

He even deletes her message from Chi-Yeol’s phone when he’s not looking. However, the fresh couple ends up patching up regardless, and later the star teacher takes his girlfriend to the ocean on his yacht.

Dong-Hui initially puts up a front, making Haeng-Seon doubt her previous hunches about him, but later injures her by making an intentional abrupt and hard turn. Later he apologizes and Haeng-Seon again becomes highly suspicious of him.

Later, Chi-Yeol takes her to his home and asks her to spend the night. The two get intimate and sleep together. She returns home the next day to a giddy, lovesick fervor.

Meanwhile, Ms. Jang strikes a deal with the director of Sun-Jae’s school, which entails the latter leaking the exam questions to her. She hands the sheet to Sun-Jae, which he later ends up sharing with Hae-e.

During the exams, the two soon catch on to what has transpired and feel really guilty. Meanwhile, Su-a continues to do badly on her tests due to her increasingly debilitating vision.

Ms. Jang continues to defend Hui-Jae, and later at the warrant review, tells him not to do anything out of the ordinary and let her take the reins. However, Hui-Jae finally decides to take responsibility and confesses that he bore witness to the murder of Jin Yi-Sang.

Crash Course in Romance episode 12 ends with a delivery man dropping a heavy parcel full of metal balls at the doorstep of Dong-Hui, aka Jeong Seong-Hyeon. Before the credits roll, he’s shown to park the car nearby the Banchan shop and aim his metal ball slingshot at Haeng-Seon.


  • Crash Course in Romance gears up for the last leg as long-awaited revelations are finally made. Dong-Hui is Su-Hyeon’s brother who saw Chi-Yeol at his sister’s wake.
  • A lot of things about Chi-Yeol’s lifestyle and the events that transpired around him and to people around him make sense now. It’s clear from the number of photographs and clippings Seong-Hyeon has at his house, that he’s obsessed with the star math teacher.
  • However, is this obsession destructive to Chi-Yeol or only those who either pose a threat to him or can take the teacher away from him? Why does he mention Chi-Yeol having not remembered the girl who committed suicide, aka Su-Hyeon, his sister?
  • Is it because he wants Chi-Yeol to keep remembering her, as a form of torment he wants him to keep feeling? And does this desire for Chi-Yeol to keep being tormented a result of his hatred for the teacher or love for him?
  • These are some of the pressing questions that Crash Course in Romance episode 12 poses, along with the ones pertaining to Hae-e and Sun-Jae, who have inadvertently fallen victim to Ms. Jang’s obsession with her son’s academia.
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 12
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 12 recap & review: Point of Intersection between Comedy and Tragedy 1

Director: Yoo Je-Won

Date Created: 2023-02-19 20:00

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