Chainsaw Man episode 3 recap & review: Meowy’s whereabouts

Chainsaw Man episode 3 sees Denji agreeing to help Power rescue her kidnapped cat, only to contend with betrayal and a rapidly escalating turn of harrowing events.


Chainsaw Man episode 3 picks up during the aftermath of Power turning the devil into a goo. Makima has arrived at the scene and gives Power a telling-off, warning her while the Fiend tries to pin the blame onto Denji.

Still stuck on his perverted drive of getting to touch breasts, Denji reveals his desires to Power, also saying he can’t afford to fail or work with a liar.

Power, meanwhile, tells him about a cat that was her only refuge from bloodshed while she slaughtered living things left and right.

However, her cat Meowy got kidnapped by the Bat Devil. She offers to let Denji exact his perversions on her if he helps her save Meowy. Denji agrees and gets motivated for Meowy’s rescue in a heartbeat.

The two depart together and eventually approach where this Bat Devil resides and keeps Meowy. However, something feels off when Power abruptly stops and Denji observes things not adding up.

Power takes a swing at Denji, who tries to duck using his incredibly quick intuition but can’t block it successfully. Power drags his unconscious body inside the cabin where the devil lives.

It’s revealed that the Bat Devil had struck a deal that involved Power bringing a human for him in exchange for her cat’s freedom.

She keeps her side of the bargain but the Bat Devil does not, citing how Denji’s blood tasted awful, following up with eating Meowy in an instant. Frozen, Power looks at Denji and says she can now empathize with him losing his pet Pochita.

The Bat Devil then picks Power off the ground and eats her too. As he flies off for the city to consume humans, Denji clings to his leg and starts drinking his blood.

The Bat Devil tries to get rid of him but Denji pulls the cord, transforming into the Chainsaw Man and making mincemeat out of the devil, as the third episode comes to an end.


  • Chainsaw Man delivers another episode that follows the same beats as the previous instalments and also falls into similar pitfalls.
  • The occasional action that doesn’t quite quench the spectacle thirst, spruced with the usual groan-worthy perverted protagonist shenanigans and a lack of plot momentum all make for a dud of an episode.
  • Chainsaw Man has been doing little other than develop its core characters and their relationship, but it could be done while exhibiting a much better pace.
  • Episode 3 takes things slow, which has been the pattern so far in the anime, while only teasing fans with the exciting things that lie beyond those scary eyes of Makima and the fear that Power feels near her.
Chainsaw Man episode 3
Chainsaw Man episode 3 recap & review: Meowy's whereabouts 1

Director: Hironori Tanaka

Date Created: 2022-10-25 21:30

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