Chainsaw Man episode 11 recap & review: Mission Start

‘Chainsaw Man’ episode 11 sees Aki make a new deal while the Special Division 4 moves in to get back at the Katana Man and Akane Sawatari.


Aki stands across the Future Devil and asks for what he wants in return for a deal. The Future Devil doesn’t ask for anything, instead, he tells Aki he’s going to live inside his right eye.

The reason for this deal is that the Future Devil considers the way Aki will die to be rather amusing. Meanwhile, Kishibe continues to train Denji and Power, who he says have made some improvements and earned a slow pace for the training lessons going forward.

Makima goes to the Tokyo head of the Yakuza and asks him to give her the names of all those members who made a contract with the Gun Devil. She later goes on to kill all the guys she received the names of.

Meanwhile, Tendo and Kurose bid Aki farewell, with the former asking Aki to take care of himself. Kishibe leads Deni, Power, Aki, Kobeni, and the rest of Special Division 4 into the hideout of the enemy.

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Kishibe asks the police and some hunters who are to stay outside, to seal off all the exits so that the enemy can’t escape, or the Special Division members on their side, as most of them are non-humans.

The zombies in the basement are all handled by the Shark Fiend, the Angel Devil, the Spider Devil, and the Violence Fiend, along with Power. Meanwhile, Aki and Denj head off to face Akane and the Katana Man.

Aki faces off with Akane, who uses the Snake Devil to spit out Ghost Devil. Aki goes in and tries to cut off as many limbs as he can, using the Future Devil’s powers as well. However, ‘Chainsaw Man’ episode 11 ends with the Ghost Devil choking Aki to death.


  • Aki is obviously using the Future Devil’s powers and the episode’s last moments might be all the future vision he’s peeked into.
  • A more snappy use of the Future Devil’s powers in future combat would make for a really fascinating action sequence.
  • More diabolical Fiends and Devils are introduced and while not much has been delved into regarding each of their personalities and backstories, they all seem pretty interesting nonetheless.
  • While ‘Chainsaw Man’ episode 11 doesn’t do much except for building up the next episode which can be expected to have loads of action, there are enough transient moments in the episode that make it a satisfactory watch.
Chainsaw Man episode 11
Chainsaw Man episode 11 recap & review: Mission Start 1

Director: Masato Nakazono, Takeshi Satō

Date Created: 2022-12-20 22:00

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