Chainsaw Man episode 10 recap & review: Bruised & Battered

‘Chainsaw Man’ episode 10 picks up after the grim affairs of its predecessor, with the characters trying their best to reckon with the loss while stepping forward to better prepare for the next onslaught.


Aki wakes up on his hospital bed, having recovered from the injuries of the recent battle, with Denji and Power sitting beside him, fighting over apples loudly like they usually do.

Aki asks them how many of the Division 4 Devil Hunters survived. Denji tells him that only Madoka and Kobeni made it.

Tendo and Kurose arrive and inform Aki that the Fox devil is angry with him for using his powers too much and won’t be coming out now. They then ask him why he just doesn’t bail and does not work as a hunter anymore.

Aki’s family and partner have been taken away by the Gun Devil; he really doesn’t have any choice but to keep hunting. He makes that very clear to the two consultants, following which they tell him he needs to make a contract with a more powerful devil.

As they leave, a girl enters the room who turns out to be Himeno’s sister. She gives him all the letters that Himeno sent home. In them, is all the instances Himeno used to talk about Aki and how she wants to get him to quit the job and save himself.

Meanwhile, Makima takes Denji and Power to a graveyard to meet a hunter who’ll train them to be stronger. This hunter, who boasts about being the strongest hunter there is, turns out to be Himeno’s trainer who was shown in a flashback a couple of episodes ago.

After asking the two delinquent hunters three questions, Kishibe gets ready to train them. The training is brutal, and fatal, with Power and Denji getting stabbed and bled to death many times.

The night arrives and the two are drained in more than one way. They also decide that they must use their brains for the next time, and take him by surprise.

The next morning, they try to do just that, but Kishibe is too reflexively superior and swift for their surprise ambush, easily making quick work of the two.

‘Chainsaw Man’ episode 10 ends with Aki being escorted by Tendo and Kurose to a prison where all the captured perilous devils are kept locked up.

Aki is directed to the cell where the Future Devil is kept, and should the devil like him, Aki must make a contract with him.


  • ‘Chainsaw Man’ episode 10 ‘Bruised & Battered’ is an aptly titled instalment that sees Denji and Power getting absolutely knocked over by the eerily blank-faced Kishibe.
  • Some moments during their “training” nail the impact that the severe gap between the veteran and the two rookies produces, with some sequences of great action choreography.
  • Aki’s reading of Himeno’s letters is another brief but heart-wrenching moment of sadness as the character realises how much his partner wanted him out of the peril.
  • It ironical then, how much peril he’s willing to put himself in now that fewer people and things detract him from exacting his paramount vengeance upon the Gun devil, no matter what it costs him.
Chainsaw Man episode 10
Chainsaw Man episode 10 recap & review: Bruised & Battered 1

Director: Tatsuya Yoshihara

Date Created: 2022-12-13 22:00

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