Central Park season 3 episode 6 recap & review: A Matter of Life and Boeuf

The sixth episode of Central Park season 3 sees the Tillerman family getting caught in a whodunnit case at the Brandenham Hotel. The episode is now available to stream on Apple TV+.


Abby, with the help of Molly and Cole, tries to butter Paige and Owen before telling them about her new job.

She recently joined Brandenham Hotel as a waitress, and with Bitsy as her boss, Paige is going to worry a lot. Paige sees through this act and asks Abby to spill the beans.

As expected, Paige wasn’t pleased and wanted Abby out of that place. Abby tried to convince them that the Brandenham hotel is a place worth working at and also mentioned that Bitsy rarely visits the place.

When all efforts went in vain, she offered them a family discount to come to the hotel and to see her work.

Bitsy woke up with the news of someone ordering cote de boeuf at the restaurant. Cote de boeuf is a rare $20,000 dry-aged steak. Bitsy spent a lot to get that on her menu in order to build the reputation of her hotel.

Now she needed to make sure that whoever this anonymous guest is, he feels welcomed.

The Tillerman family was enjoying their time at the restaurant until that anonymous guest arrived, who turned out to be Bitsy’s brother, Ambrose.

He came along with his manservant, Anton, and his fiance, Kendra, to see how Bitsy messes up such a precious dish. He wanted to see her fail.

Bitsy tries to keep her calm and moves along with the original plan. The chef chooses Abby to carry out the presentation of the cote de boeuf.

Anton interrupted Abby and the chef during the presentation and asked them to make changes to the dish according to Ambrose’s dietary restrictions.

The chef got annoyed by Ambrose’s request to liquefy the dish. He immediately opted to attack Ambrose. While everyone around him tried to stop him, somebody stole or ate the steak.

Bitsy targeted Abby as she was responsible for that steak’s well-being. Paige interfered to protect her sister. To ensure the culprit doesn’t leave the place, Bitsy ordered Helen to lock the door of the private dining room.

Abby’s white gloves were provided as proof that she didn’t steal the steak, as they would have been ruined if she did. Shampagne became the next suspect as he is a dog, and animals do eat steak.

A piece of steak came out of Shampagne’s mouth, and the chef investigated it to find out that it is a piece of Cote de boeuf, but with a common steak sauce over it.

Steak sauce isn’t suitable for Ambrose’s body, which suggests whoever added that wanted to kill Ambrose.

Since there is no steak sauce at the restaurant, Helen asked everyone to empty their pockets to figure out who came in with the sauce.

The sauce came out of Bitsy’s pocket, and Ambrose accused her of trying to kill him.

Abby had a gut feeling that Bitsy isn’t guilty. She figured it all out and proved that Bitsy isn’t physically capable of committing such an act.

Bitsy couldn’t even cut the plastic tag of the cote de boeuf, so there is no chance she would open the steak sauce sachets and spread the sauce all over the steak in the given time.

Most importantly, she wouldn’t want her brother dead, as she wants him to see her success.

Paige, on the other hand, took note of everything and believed whoever plotted this knew everything about Ambrose. From his schedule to dietary restrictions.

That comes down to only one person, and that is his manservant, Anton. This eventually led Anton to confess that he did try to steal the steak, but he didn’t poison it.

Ambrose was ready to put Anton behind bars, and that’s when Kendra confessed that she was the one who tried to kill Ambrose. She was in love with Anton, and they wanted to claim Ambrose and Bitsy’s fortune.

Also, she is the one who put steak sauce sachets in Bitsy’s pockets after spreading it on cote de boeuf.

Anton and Kendra are put under arrest, while Paige allows Abby to work at the Brandenham Hotel, if she doesn’t get her family involved in another murder case.


  • A reconciliation between Bitsy and the Tillerman family due to Abby is an interesting turn. This may further affect Bitsy’s plans for Central Park and Owen’s campaign, which she is a part of.
  • The unexpected twist of bringing a whodunnit around a steak was quite good, and the mystery around it was executed well, even though it was a bit predictable.
  • Abby continues to be a great addition, and it seems like her relationship with Bitsy will flourish in a way the viewers won’t expect.
Central Park season 3 episode 6
Central Park season 3 episode 6 recap & review: A Matter of Life and Boeuf 1

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