Central Park season 3 episode 4 recap & review: A Triptych Down Memory Lane

Central Park season 3 episode 4 sees Owen storing his personal stuff and work stuff on the same hard drive and giving it to Elwood who forgets the password he had encrypted for the it. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


It’s been quite a busy week for Tillermans. Owen is preparing a proposal to the mayor for his ‘I Heart Park’ campaign while Paige is juggling work deadlines and writing her book.

Even on Saturday, Paige had to go out with Abby to pick up a couch she found on Craigslist. Thus, leaving Owen to handle the kids for the day.

One good thing for the kids is that Paige is finally fixing their cable connection. Apart from getting a new connection, they have an offer to get two subscription plans.

The cable guy could be coming anytime, thus Paige left before Owen could argue. So, Owen had no option but to stay with kids who were fighting over which subscription they should have.

Owen decides to walk away and work on his proposal to the mayor. For that, he turns to Henrietta, the family hard drive full of their memories which he and Paige have been lately using for work as well.

When he wasn’t able to find it at home, he called Elwood to look for it in the office.

Apparently, it was there in the office, but Elwood didn’t realize Owen is using it for his work. He had saved plenty of his own stuff on the drive. He claimed that he has kept the drive password protected so there is not much worry.

The only problem was, that Elwood forgot the password. The fancy thing about Henrietta was that it will only allow you ten password attempts. Post that, it erases everything on it.

Elwood had already tried eight times, and now they had only three attempts on their hands. The kids jumped in to help Owen and Elwood.

First came Cole, who told Elwood that he has to calm down. In order to do so, Cole told him a carefree story. When that didn’t work, Molly hopped in telling him that he needs to freak out. So she told him a horror story.

Both stories failed, and the Tillermans had only one attempt left to unlock the drive. Owen was also afraid that Paige is coming home and she will freak out when she finds out that their memories are about to be erased.

Owen remembered an educational show that talked about the brain. The show mentioned that you can recollect things using smell. Elwood gave a try to that as well by smelling everything that was around him when he was working with the drive.

Eventually, Paige arrived and as predicted, she freaked out. Even she had the first chapter of her book on the drive.

Owen and Paige realized they are going to lose all the memories they had on the drive because they worked and worked and filled the drive with the same.

Owen calmed Elwood down stating that this isn’t his fault. While calming him down, Owen said, “I shouldn’t have put work before my family. I found that out the hard way”.

The statement helped Elwood recall the password. He based it on a hat he found in the Lost and Found box. The password was ‘Cool Hat’. It worked and the memories were now safe.

Owen opted not to go and bring the hard drive home. Instead, he sat down to spend a good weekend with his family.

The cable guy arrived and ended the fight for subscriptions by stating that the offer Tillermans have, expired the last week. So the family came to the conclusion to only fix the connection for now.


  • The fourth episode of Central Park season 3 doesn’t add any value to the existing plot going on. It works more like a filler.
  • Despite being the filler, it’s good to see Tillermans coming to realize how important their family is. Since the very beginning of the season, we literally had only seen them working or chasing their goals.
  • One of the best parts of the episode was the stories told by Cole and Molly. Both had a fun element and commendable cameos from Helen and Bitsy.
Central Park season 3 episode 4
Central Park season 3 episode 4 recap & review: A Triptych Down Memory Lane 1

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