Central Park season 3 episode 10 recap & review: Money Candy

The tenth episode of Central Park season 3 sees Owen and Paige trying to buy tickets to the concert of Molly and Cole’s favorite K-pop boy band. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Molly and Cole obsess over the K-pop band, Money Candy, which has arrived in New York to perform at Madison Square Garden.

Owen and Paige realize that they have been so busy lately that they haven’t done much for the kids. Owen proposes a plan to surprise the kids with Money Candy tickets.

While the conversation is still in the air, Abby knocks on their door, hoping that she could spend the day with them as her roommate, DJ Hiney, is having a friend over. Abby soon abandons them once she hears the kids listening to Money Candy.

Owen and Paige acknowledge that even Abby is a fan, and now they might have to buy more tickets.

The couple stays on their mission and joins the line at Madison Square Garden, only to later find out that the line was for the band’s merchandise and that the tickets got sold out months ago.

Back home, Abby receives a text from DJ Hiney and finds out that the friend he was talking about is none other than Min-Jun, from Money Candy.

She calls DJ Hiney, but Min-Jun had already left to explore New York before the concert. DJ Hiney can’t contact his friend as his security is tight to avoid fans from rushing at him.

The family decides to go through the entire city so that they can cross paths with at least one of the members of Money Candy.

The social media helps them a bit, and Owen recognizes the location Min-Jun is at. The tree behind Min-Jun in the picture is from Central Park. With that information in their hand, the family wastes no time in leaving to meet the star.

Amidst all of this, the washrooms at Central Park were clogged and people had been visiting Owen’s house for the day. Since the family wasn’t home, someone broke into their house just so that they could use the bathroom.

Owen and Paige had no option but to abandon this quest to go back to their house. Abby and the kids, on the other hand, continued their pursuit.

They saw a crowd at Central Park, only to realize that they were surrounding the fake decoys of Money Candy.

Back home, Owen and Paige discover that the people who broke in are the two band members of Money Candy and their security guards.

Owen really wanted to call his kids, but due to the security measures the band was taking, he was forced not to. The couple got a chance to drop them off secretly at their concert, and in return, they offered them five tickets to the show.

The family rejoiced and spent the night together dancing to Money Candy at Madison Square Garden.

At the Brandenham Hotel, Bitsy thought of cloning her dog, Shampagne. Helen’s worst nightmare finally came true, as there will be another dog to inherit Bitsy’s fortune.

Helen tried convincing Bitsy not to clone Shampagne. Bitsy gave it a thought and backed out at the last moment, owing to the story of how she met Shampagne during a shopping spree in Paris.

She found him near an elite litter and knew one can’t clone a perfect, purebred pedigree in Brooklyn.


  • The episode takes note of the rising popularity of K-pop and presents how it has impacted the world.
  • It also tends to show the generational gap between parents and kids. Owen and Paige visit the venue for tickets and realize how things have changed since the Beatles were the biggest band in the world.
  • Furthermore, it’s funny how they stand in cue all along and later join the kids on the quest to meet this band they know nothing about. All this struggle just so that they can see Molly and Cole happy.
  • The season continues to show a more generous side of Bitsy, who is actually cruel at times and uses her money only for her own good. A viewer would give a second thought to her nature after hearing the story of how she met Shampagne.
Central Park season 3 episode 10
Central Park season 3 episode 10 recap & review: Money Candy 1

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