Castaway Diva season 1 episode 4 recap & review: 2008 vs. 2022

The fourth episode of Castaway Diva sees Ran-joo appearing on Heyday Again and competing with her past self. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Ran-joo prepares for Heyday Again. She wants the interviewer to ask her about the song that was inspired by Ki-ho’s request, as she wants to unite Ki-ho and Mok-ha. Bo-geol does not approve of this, as he does not want to disclose anyone’s business on live television.

Bo-geol admits to Mok-ha that she seems very pathetic to him. Now that Mok-ha is a manager, she gets a phone and also a job at Bo-geol and Woo-hak’s parents’ salon.

Unlike Bo-geol, Woo-hak does his best to help Mok-ha. They become good friends and share their problems with each other. When she keeps worrying about Ki-ho not contacting her, Woo-hak tells her about his own accident that resulted in him losing all his memories. 

Woo-hak hates eating alone, so Mok-ha asks him to call her whenever he does not have company, as she spent years yearning for company when she was living on the island. 

The main producer of Heyday Again is Hong Yeon-kyung, Bo-geol’s boss, a woman who used to be the vice president of Ran-joo Haters’ Club, as Ran-joo was extremely fussy and made producers suffer when she was a superstar.

Surprisingly, President Lee sends treats for the staff of Heyday Again to support Ran-joo on the day of the shoot. He also sends her beautiful clothes and chocolates, but Mok-ha is wary of him and warns Ran-joo to be careful.

Bo-geol figures out that it was Mok-ha who sang at the village festival and not Ran-joo, but he does not tell anyone about it. Ran-joo competes with her past self on the show. The audience will choose whether Ran-joo was a better performer in 2008 or if she is better now in 2022.

Mok-ha sings in Ran-joo’s place once again, and her performance is chosen as the better out of the two. Ran-joo wins against her past self by a huge margin, and the show gets its highest ratings with this episode. 

As present-day Ran-joo wins, she uses the platform to send Mok-ha’s message to Ki-ho. She lets him know that Mok-ha is waiting for him. Bo-geol is not happy about Mok-ha making Ran-joo talk about Ki-ho on live television.

Bo-geol tells Mok-ha that Ki-ho has probably changed, and that is why he is not reaching out to her. However, he fails to convince Mok-ha about the same, and she makes it clear that she will not hear anything against Ki-ho.

Ran-joo has everyone praising her, and all the praise that she has been deprived of for so long makes Ran-joo break down. The scene shifts to an older Ran-joo telling the story of how she was reborn as a star.  

Woo-hak receives flowers at his workplace. The flowers are for Mok-ha, and they are from Ki-ho. He wants to meet Mok-ha at the bus station. The news makes Mok-ha happy, and she goes to meet her old friend.

Woo-hak is disappointed when he comes to know that he is not Ki-ho. He tells his brother about the flowers that Ki-ho sent, and the news makes Bo-geol panic. Bo-geol rushes after Mok-ha. 

Ran-joo goes to meet President Lee at his house and asks him about his reasons for supporting her. She almost kisses him, but President Lee pushes her away and tells her that he supported her only because he felt guilty. 

He told the sales team to recall all of Ran-joo’s albums both online and offline, which means she will not be able to sell even a single album. Ran-joo has no chance of getting the company shares and realizes that President Lee is a heartless man.

Woo-hak remembers a past memory and passes out. He sees Ki-ho’s father’s face in the memory. When he regains consciousness, he registers that the man who delivered flowers to his workplace was Ki-ho’s father. Ki-ho also rushes to save Mok-ha, as he now knows that she is in danger.

Meanwhile, Mok-ha finds out that Ki-ho’s father trapped her and runs from him. A man comes to her rescue, and the two of them are able to lose Ki-ho’s father. Mok-ha asks the man whether he is Ki-ho, and the man turns out to be Bo-geol.


  • The show’s plot is not entirely convincing. It is a little hard to believe that Mok-ha is able to sing in Ran-joo’s place again and again without a single person noticing. 
  • However, when it comes to other aspects like the sets and the costumes, the show makes them as real as possible. The elaborate set of Heyday Again does give the impression that it is the most popular variety show at the moment. 
  • The episode hints that there is a possibility that Ki-ho is Bo-geol and not Woo-hak. Either of the two brothers could be Ki-ho. The mystery keeps the audience invested in the story.
  • President Lee and Ran-joo seem to have a romantic history, which further complicates their situation. It will be interesting to see how their history affects their feud.
Castaway Diva season 1 episode 4
Castaway Diva season 1 episode 4 recap & review: 2008 vs. 2022 1

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