Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1 episode 1 recap

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ has premiered with the first episode of season 1 on Netflix. The K-drama depicts the ancient Bulgasal curse, with dramatic and gory fight scenes from the distant past and present.


Human-eating monsters existed 600 years ago, but all except Bulgasal have vanished. To put an end to the immortality curse, he has been looking for a woman.

The residents of Goryeo begin to flee after Japanese pirates raided and burned down their land. Jomago, the corpse-eating monster, is supposed to be on his way uphill. Jomago is approached by a pregnant woman who asks him to steal her unborn child, but the monster flees. Bulgasal is on his way to get them, she says.

She is later discovered hung. Surprisingly, the dead mother gave birth to a child. Bulgasal has cursed the infant. Pal-bong’s family is mourning his death after he and Gu-bong went hunting. Pal-bong’s wife and children are later discovered dead.

That year, four people died in mysterious circumstances, which the villagers blamed on the cursed child. The people embarked on a killing spree to get rid of the youngster. But the child is saved by a lady who loses her life and the intervention of General Dan Geuk of Goryeo, who takes the boy and calls him Hwal.

17 years later, Hwal, the adopted son of General and Commander, is deemed blessed by Bulgasal after he kills a lot of monsters in an attempt to avenge Bulgasal. General Dan Geuk’s daughter blames Hwal for the death of her child.

Angry Hwal blames his loss of child and the blindness of his son on Bulgasal. The grief makes his marriage ill. On asking about what she sees as she has the ability to see which no one can, she reveals that she sees the woman who saved Hwal’s life and the one he keeps remembering.

Hwal takes his son with him in search of Bulgasal where he meets the villagers who tried to kill him. Suddenly, he sees the woman who saved his life to be alive and follows her. He finds out she is Bulgasal. A strange dream wakes him up and he goes back to the cave, questioning Bulgasal.

During the night, Bulgasal attacks the soldiers, sucking their blood. On returning, he finds his wife and son trembled to death. He regrets not being close to his son, A-chan. All of a sudden, he is stabbed on his back by the woman who saved him once but he comes back to life.


  • The episode keeps the suspense of the possibility of Hwal turning into Bulgasal or the reason behind his curse.
  • The one thing to look forward in the Bulgasal’s re-incarnation as a human and how Hwal takes his revenge.
  • Bulgasal is quite interesting with its sudden surprises. Where will the next few episodes take the storyline?

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