Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1 episode 10 recap

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ has come out with the tenth episode of season 1 on Netflix. The show revolves around an old voodoo known as the Bulgasal curse which is brought to life with dramatic and brutal action scenes from the far past and present.


Secretary Kim picks up Do-Yun and informs him that she knows where his brother is. Hwal rushes to Eul-Tae’s house to retrieve Do-Yun.

Meanwhile, Eul-Tae has arrived at Hwal’s, and Si-Ho is at home for some inexplicable reason. Strangely, Eul-Tae and Si-Ho have a calm discussion about where Sang-Un is, despite the fact that he is there to abduct Sang-Un.

Sang-Un, unsurprisingly, is crying uncontrollably in Hwal’s cupboard, so loudly that Eul-Tae almost hears her. Hwal arrives on time and ushers him away to speak with him. Anyway, the Monster scare makes Sang-Un feel like this has been going on for too long, and Si-Ho shouldn’t be a part of it.

Hwal, on the other hand, collides with Eul-tae’s car, causing the latter to appear mangled but not completely dead.

While Eul-Tae and Hwal are debating Hwal’s priorities, the latter receives a call from Secretary Kim, who informs him that she has Do-Yun with her and plans to murder him. Both Bulgasals are taken aback by the news.

In any case, Eul-Tae requests Hwal to look into the 2001 Hyeongrim-dong case before assisting in the search for Do-Yun. Everyone rushes back home to ask Hwal what’s going on. When he suggests hiding Si-Ho and Sang-Un, the latter agrees to go alone rather than taking everyone.

They found Secretary Kim, i.e., Dueoksini, after going through the case files that Eul-Tae had instructed Hwal to go through. Dueoksini fills Do-Yun’s head with lies against Eul-Tae at Mount Padu.

Meanwhile, Hwal is overcome with emotion after failing to recognise Do-Yun from the first minute. He put him in danger 600 years ago due to his irrationality, and he bemoans the fact that it is happening again this time.

Eul-Tae calls to let him know where he’s going and to ask Hwal to meet him there. He also vows not to harm Sang-Un until Do-Yun is found. Eul-Tae picks up a little apprehensive Ho-Yeol on the way and swears not to murder him.

Hwal enters the Monster’s forest that night. While Ho-yeol finds Dueoksini’s husband’s home.

Hwal and Sang-Un fight Dueoksini and her spouse, who is also a Monster, in the jungle. Hwal attempts to assassinate Dueoksini, while Sang-Un searches for Do-Yun. Hwal then promptly disposes of the husband, but not before Sang-Un discovers Do-Yun’s whereabouts.

Dueoksini, beaten and bruised, meets Eul-Tae. The former informs him that she informed Do-Yun something fascinating about Hwal, which has effectively sealed his fate and Eul-Tae must now murder Do-Yun.

However, Eul-Tae defeats Dueoksini and recalls the night Dan-Sol and A-chan were killed. Of course, he had something to do with it, as Do-Yun now understands.

Meanwhile, Do-Yun wakes up and calls Hwal, with whom he has a heartfelt chat. Eul-Tae arrives just as he’s about to tell Hwal what Dueoksini had told him, and destroys his phone. He inquires as to what his Monster secretary had told him, and Do-Yun informs him that in a previous life, he had slain him and his mother.

Despite the fact that Do-Yun is unaware of the consequences, Eul-Tae is, and before he learns about his brother, Eul-Tae stabs and kills him, leaving him for dead on the street.


  • This episode comes to a satisfactory conclusion but ends on a cliff-hanger.
  • Is Do-yun going to live or will he perish? What is Hwal’s next move? Based on the sneak peek, Hwal appears to be preparing to rip Eul-Tae’s throat out.
  • Do-Yun’s character went in a direction that is appreciated. Although, initially it seemed that he was an unneeded addition, he is now an integral part of this jumbled jigsaw.

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