Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1 episode 2 recap

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ has come out with the second episode of season 1 on Netflix. The K-drama depicts the ancient Bulgasal curse, with dramatic and gory fight scenes from the distant past and present.


Pick up from episode 1, Hwal grabs the sword and stabs this red-robed woman in the heart. Hwal is blinded by wrath, yet as they stare at each other with swords protruding from their bodies, she disappears totally after confessing her hatred for him.

The soldiers mistake Hwal for Bulgasal. As the Royal Court issued an order to slay Hwal, he’s out there and he shows up in front of his father.

The General draws his sword and demands the truth from Hwal. Hwal falls on his knees and begs him to kill him. However, the General is unable to do so and instead advises him to go into exile. Unfortunately, the Royal Guard is observing everything; he is stabbed in the stomach for his troubles. Just before he dies, he begs Hwal to swear to him that no matter how badly he wants to, he will never eat human blood.

Fast forward to 1593, when the Japanese invade Korea. Hwal hides in the shadows, attempting not to feed on human blood but struggling to survive in the aftermath of such tragedy.

Three years further down the line, Hwal meets a weird elderly guy who is a reborn monster. Hwal learns he aspires to be the next soul to become immortal, but Hwal punishes him by killing him.

In 2006, a robed Hwal meets the reincarnated version of one of the kid villagers who fed him all those years ago. He owns a detective firm and passes them a photograph of the woman he’s looking for.

Sang-Yeon, who lives in Sangyong with her sister Sang-Un, is quite paranoid, and rightfully so. Hwal drives up to her residence in his car.

Despite boarding the bus to safety, they are pursued by the bus driver, who claims to know who they are. He claims to be able to smell Sang-spirit, Un’s confirming that he is one of the reborn monsters from the past.

Sang-un calls and pleads with her mother to come to fetch her. Sang-Yeon appears and asks them to leave. All of a sudden, all of the lights go out, and Hwal arrives, ready to carry out his retribution mission. They make it to their apartment, but Sang-Yeon makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her sister. Sang-Un approaches Hwal with a knife in his hand but she comes out alive.

Fast forward 15 years again, Sang-Un and his vengeance are still on Hwal’s mind. Sang-Un went missing with her grandma many years ago, but Hwal is still desperate to find her.

She’s vivacious and always on the move. She’s also plagued by guilt, and she comes up at her old flat just as it’s about to be demolished.

Sang-Un pays homage to her sister, who has passed away. She apologises for not trusting her and vows to keep her final commitment of hiding and finding a means to kill Bulgasal. Hwal is on the other side of the door, and he’s after her.


  • Bulgasal’s second episode maintains the momentum, picking up where the previous chapter left off.
  • It’s possible that the story slows down now as we learn more about this universe, with a possible romance between Sang-Un and Hwal changing the course of both characters’ lives.
  • To be honest, it’s a really intriguing setup, and it’ll be interesting to watch where the remaining episodes go from here.

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