Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1 episode 9 recap

‘Bulg‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ has come out with the ninth episode of season 1 on Netflix. The show revolves around an old voodoo known as the Bulgasal curse which is brought to life with dramatic and brutal action scenes from the far past and present.


Yeon-Su approaches Eul-Tae and informs Hwal of his secret. This provides a wonderful distraction for the enemy, allowing him to turn away from Hwal. He sneaks up behind him and injects the needle into Dark Hole’s neck as a result.

With the antagonist on the ground, a conflicted Detective Kwon arrives and decides to assist Hwal in getting back to his car.

Back in 1000 years, after hunting in the highlands, the King hears that their son Eul-Soo has died. Of course, Eul-Tae is the one who informs Bulgasal that he is to blame, but he refuses to accept it. The truth is, it was Eul-Tae who did it.

He gazed at the face of the other Bulgasal, Yeon-Su, after beating Eul-Soo’s head in with a rock.

Meanwhile, Hwal is incapable of moving or retaliating against Bulgasal.

For the time being, he’s obliged to hold his breath. When Yeon-Su offers her blood, Hwal rejects, claiming that he promised himself that he’d never do such a thing.

At the same time, Kwon mulls over his life choices, lamenting the fact that his greatest nemesis had been right under his nose the entire time.

In 1975, Kwon was always there for his sister, ensuring that she was safe from their psychotic father. He even attempts to poison the unfortunate girl. His maniacal expression suggests that he is a monster.

That much is almost verified when Hwal kills their father in broad daylight as Bulgasal. Right there and then, Kwon’s sister dies in his arms.

According to the flashbacks that follow, one of the two Bulgasals bit the unfortunate girl’s neck afterward, but Kwon isn’t sure which one it was.

Kwon had been carrying this traumatic experience with him for a long time, and when Hwal comes up at his door, the two talk about it. Although there is still a rift between them, Hwal tries to help and apologises for not giving him the truth.

While everything is going on, Do-Yun pays a visit to Eul-Tae, who no longer hides his hatred. Rather, he assigns Do-Yun the responsibility of bringing Yeon-Su to him. Do-Yun is quick to point out that this isn’t a good plan, but Eul-Tae persuades him to go ahead and do it so they can separate her from Hwal.

Meanwhile, Yeon-Su and Hwal are heading to see Go-Bun. They’re interested in learning more about Dark Hole. Unfortunately, she becomes animated when she sees Hwal and the scar on his hand, and begs Yeon-Su to go.

Both of them return home after seeing Go-Bun in this state, determined to devise a new plan to stop Dark Hole and persuade Go-Bun to help.

Hwal ponders Yeon-Su’s capacity to look into the past after she arrives. He discovers she can’t use it on herself. She feels compelled to puke when she speaks with Si-Ho. Of course, Si-Ho’s pregnancy is to blame for this. Hwal is stunned when he learns the news.

Later that night, Lee Hye-Suk finally catches up with him. Hwal is worried by what she told him about intertwined lives at first. Particularly, how once people are enmeshed, the bonds are impossible to break.

With this in mind, Hwal speculates that A-Chan could be reborn with Si-Ho. While this would normally be fantastic news, the fact that he isn’t actually Hwal’s kid makes him uncomfortable.

Do-Yun’s decision is made even more difficult when he has a one-on-one meeting with Hwal later that night. The latter expresses his love for the youngster by gently patting his head and reminds him that his brother’s illness is not his fault.

Following that, all of them gets together to celebrate Si-Ho’s pregnancy.  As they prepare to eat cake, Yeon-Su reminds them that they may not be related by blood, but they are still a family.

Do-Yun decides to call Eul-Tae that night and inform him he can’t carry out his plan because of the beautiful night, which is filled with laughing, pleasant times, and humorous jokes.

Eul-Tae, on the other hand, recalls a specific memory from ten years ago. Especially in the orphanage, when Eul-Tae clutched his hand tightly. Eul-tae recalls that hold and how he aided Do-Yun when he needed it the most.

Using this as ammunition, Eul-Tae compares the current situation to his own desire for assistance. It’s a little sketchy, but it’s enough for Do-Yun to unwillingly follow Yeon-Su to Eul-Tae.

She joins him at the bus station the next day. Do-Yun is worried when she discovers that Yeon-Su hasn’t notified Si-Ho where she’s going.

He eventually tells her that he’ll be taking her to Eul-Tae. Do-Yun tries to make amends by asking if she wants to return home. Do-Yun eventually prevents her from boarding the bus, just as Hwal arrives.

Despite Yeon-Su’s efforts to conceal for Do-Yun, Hwal is aware of the truth. In a private conversation with Do-Yun, he asks to know the extent of the lie.

When Hwal has had enough, he orders Do-Yun to go. The worst thing that could happen to Do-Yun is for him to be kicked out of the group, but the harm has already been done.

Hwal threatens to kill him if he returns, leaving this troubled teen with nowhere to go. The problem is Eul-Tae has been duping him all along and when Do-Yun calls him later, he discovers the truth.

Do-Yun’s brother died a long time ago, but Eul-Tae has been using him to get through to Hwal the entire time.

Do-Yun gets on the bus to unknown destinations after hanging up on the guy. He calls Yeon-Su just before he leaves, straining to hold back tears as he tells her the truth about his deceased brother.

Yeon-Su tries to persuade Hwal to change his mind but he refuses. However, he does pay attention to Si-Ho.

She reveals Do-deception Yun’s and reveals another another shocking fact that Do-Yun was born blind. Eul-Tae assisted him in receiving an eye transplant. A-Chan has returned and he is, however, Do-Yun.


  • A slower episode that shifts the attention away from Hwal and Yeon-Su and toward Do-Yun. It would be great to learn more about his past and how it relates to Hwal’s battle.
  • The big shocker comes at the conclusion, when it is revealed that Do-Yun is the reincarnated version of A-Chan.

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