Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1 episode 8 recap

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ has come out with the eighth episode of season 1 on Netflix. The show revolves around an old voodoo known as the Bulgasal curse which is brought to life with dramatic and brutal action scenes from the far past and present.


Sang-Un confides in Hwal that she wants to live a regular life with Si-Ho, determined to be free of Bulgasal and its constraints. Eul-Tae’s Normal life, on the other hand, appears to be a highly improbable possibility right now.

Hwal tells her to stop attempting to win his sympathies. Sang-Un responds quickly. She realises it won’t make up for what occurred in her previous incarnations, but it’s something and Hwal appears to appreciate it. Even if he doesn’t show it outwardly.

When Hwal returns home, he realises Hye-Suk isn’t acting like herself. She abruptly gets up, informing him that everyone will die, bleeding from every orifice, as the fire on the stove burns. Hye-Suk comes out of her funk and reverts to her usual cheery self which adds more concern.

Detective Kwon shows up with a hunk of meat. He also possesses a photograph, which he shows in confidence to Sang-Un and Hwal. This is a snapshot of Eul-Tae from the past. It turns out he changes his identity every 30 years or so, and he used to go by the name Ok Sang-Yeong.

As he continues detailing his ties to powerful figures, Hwal becomes enraged and accuses him of being reckless and that no human will be able to catch Bulgasal. He issues a warning. Sang-un, on the other hand, promises him that Bulgasal will be killed.

Hwal follows Detective Kwon out the door and opens up about his father and how kind he was to him while they sit and drink together. In exchange, Kwon divulges information about his history. He specifically mentions a situation from 15 years ago regarding Bulgasal.

The individual he initially suspected of being responsible for the murders committed suicide, putting an end to the investigation. Kwon, on the other hand, couldn’t let it go. So, one day, Lee Su-Gyeong, a junior, went to his location and investigated, eventually arriving to the deceased’s home. She was discovered hanged, with a message to her husband confirming her death as a suicide.

Kwon, on the other hand, is convinced that Eul-Tae is to blame, which is why he’s so focused on locating him. This is made worse by the fact that Su-Gyeong committed suicide three days before her birthday. When Hwal sees a photo of the family, he immediately recognises her spouse and asks who he is.

Si-Ho returns home and tells her sister about the weird events that have occurred during her absence. Specifically, how she viewed Hye-memories Suk’s from the past. She recognised echoes of her past during the Joseon dynasty and believes she has a talent. Si-Ho tries to persuade her sister not to use the present on Sang-Un.

When Hwal arrives that night, he talks about Si-Ho’s gift and the prophecy concerning Bulgasal that has led them all the way here. It appears that Hye-Suk’s prophecy about them all dying may be referring to Sang-Un, especially if she recovers her memories from previous lifetimes.

Hwal seeks down Se-Gyeung’s husband later that night and decides to take him home. He’s a drunken wreck who’s clearly still grieving over his late wife. Unfortunately, Hwal’s situation is exacerbated when he discovers his son is present, head down and obedient to his father’s demands.

When Hwal sees this boy being scolded and abused by his father, it brings back a flood of memories from his childhood, when he was shoved away. Hwal’s emotional speech confirms this, as he looks at the man with disgust and accuses him of being a complete moron.

Hwal smashes a soju bottle with one hand while clenching his fist as he walks away, rage running through his veins. However, he bloodies his knuckles in the process.

When he returns home, still upset, he takes his rage out on Sang-Un. Sang-Un’s previous form is called out, and he threatens her. The problem is that he does all of this in front of Si-Ho, who arrives and inquiries about what’s going on.

Sang-Un finally acknowledges that she used to be Bulgasal in a previous life. Si-Ho, on the other hand, questions her resolve, prompting Hwal to flee in the middle of the night, desperate to learn the truth.

When it comes to the truth, Detective Kwon chooses to pursue Eul-Tae. He defies Hwal’s wishes and sets off to find Bulgasal, who eventually locates him.

He knows Kwon has been following him since he left his residence and accuses him of stalking him. He also proposes that the two sit down and talk. As they converse, Eul-Tae explains that he wasn’t the one who killed his companion all those years ago. Kwon, on the other hand, sees right through the ruse. He describes the horrible event his family had, including how Bulgasal killed his daughter and his family.

When Eul-Tae’s eyes glow crimson, he recalls glimpses from his past and regrets showing up alone, knowing this is the enemy he’s been searching for. Eul-Tae does not kill him, but instead instructs Kwon to deliver a message to Hwal. He isn’t killed, but Eul-Tae’s associate crashes into her car from behind.

Sang-Un’s search leads her to the hospital, where she is accompanied by her grandmother, Go-Bun. She’s curious about Hwa-Yeon’s background and what she’s done in the past. Pretending to be her, Go-Bun says that it was Hwa-Yeon who saved everyone. She warned that Bulgasal was on his way and urged everyone to flee. Dark Hole was the one who started it all, using a man with a scar on his palm as the catalyst.

Sang-Un receives a call from Kwon’s kidnapper, who requests a meeting. She’s also a creature from Hwal’s past, a monster known as Dueoksini. Hwal is the first to see Kwon bound to a tree when he ventures into the woods.

Hwal goes directly into the trap and gets shot with a syringe full of poison, enough to kill dozens of people. It renders him unconscious long enough for him to experience excruciating pain.

Hwal keeps attempting to save Kwon, who in turn saves Hwal. Eul-Tae appears out of nowhere and bites Dueoksini on the neck, reminding her that Hwal is all hers. Kwon is surprised to see Hwal recuperate from his wounds while he is observing. Eul-Tae reveals that Hwal is also Bulgasal, shocking and depressing the detective. He flees into the woods for protection, pondering what has transpired.

Eul-Tae urges Hwal not to become too connected to Sang-Un in private. He urges him not to be tricked by her since she is not who she appears to be. However, Sang-Un appears and exposes Eul-Tae’s deception revealing that he was the one who killed everyone in the village and set the fire.


  • The mythology has been properly established throughout the season, and this has been cleverly threaded into our three primary characters even now, eight episodes later.
  • The drama involving Kwon at the end is also appropriately dramatic and it’s a good way of continuing the concept of our characters facing a different monster each week.

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