Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1 episode 7 recap

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ has come out with the seventh episode of season 1 on Netflix. It depicts the old Bulgasal curse which is brought to life with dramatic and brutal action scenes from the far past and present.


Hwal and Sang-Un leave early in the morning, determined to learn more about Sang-Un’s mysterious origins. The location in question is old farmland, which Sang-Un has a personal connection to from a previous life.

A fire broke out there about 50 years ago, which was thought to have been started by a woman named Kim Hwa-Yeon. Her parents were also killed in the fire.

Si-Ho returns home from the doctor’s with Detective Kwon. They’re both talking about Bulgasal, and Si-Ho overhears her sister mention the name, Eul-Tae. This makes Kwon think, and he returns to the station to bribe Captain Han with information.

Kwon’s suspicions grow as he realises the official could be linked to Eul-Tae when the mayor leaves. Han cautions Kwon against following this line of questioning, stating that it is risky and could lead to trouble.

The mayor is joined by a number of other corrupt officials who inform Ok Eul-Tae on the present state of affairs in town. Eul-Tae, on the other hand, is ruthless in the advancement of his rule, warning the four men that he has dirt on them that he may use against them if they betray him.

Si-Ho and Do-yun returned home and got to work cleaning Hwal’s residence. Hye-Suk is also present, and as she scrubs, she tells Si-Ho that she lost her memories at the age of six. This makes Si-Ho doubt Hwal’s claim to have saved her during her childhood. She also has a burn on her leg that was caused by a fire.

Hwal truly protected her from the fire that started 50 years ago, even though her parents were slain in the ensuing inferno. This girl seemed to be possessed as she instructed Hwal to follow the fire by closing her eyes. She collapses in his arms and has a similar scar as Hye-Suk.

Hwal and Sang-Un prepare to visit Hwa-Yeon’s former neighbours after taking an overnight boat ride to a small village. He’s set on solving Sang-Un’s riddle.  

When they arrive at the house, Hwal mulls over the possibility that the fire was sparked by Gapsangoe, a feared monster in the area.

Sang-Un eventually detects the monster, who appears to be a frail elderly woman laying on her house floor. Hwal rushes in to confront her, and she confesses that she did ignite the fires but was duped by Dark Hole in the process.

Her son, however, is the one who is about to start a fire, as evidenced by the paint thinner and equipment in his car. He arrives to the hotel where Sang-Un and Hwal are staying and, after showing the owner their photo, prepares to light the fire.

Hwal, on the other hand, arrives just in time to prevent him from setting the place ablaze. Sang-Un ponders her history in their absence.

Si-Ho appears to have the gift of foresight, or at least the ability to recall prior memories. Touching Hye-Suk’s hands she brings back memories of her childhood. This has repercussions for Hye-Suk, who is fascinated by the flames.

Unfortunately, Do-Yun has ties to Eul-Tae and is on his side, it turns out. Eul-Tae invites him into his home, where the two end up playing board games.

Do-Yun is plainly an informant, but he also has a conscience, and he isn’t pleased with himself for spying on Hwal and deceiving him. Eul-Tae, on the other hand, reassures him, claiming that everything is being done to keep Sang-Un safe.

When Do-Yun leaves, he promptly informs Hwal and Sang-Un of their whereabouts. However, this sets Bulgasal in motion, causing Gapsangoe to erupt into life and choke out Sang-Un.

Hwal springs back into action just as she is about to succeed, saving her from a terrible fate. After giving her son over to the cops, the two leave to check out one last location which Gapsangoe’s son told Hwal about.

In a grave, Hwa-Yeon’s skeleton remains are found. Sang-Un can’t take it any longer and starts crying. When they leave, Hwal takes pity on her and gives her a lift up the street on his back. Hwal gives her his name as they go. She puts her arms around him while he does so.


  • The scene near the end of the episode does a terrific job of teasing that romance is on the way for these two.
  • That’s not even taking into account Sang-Un’s possible ties to Eul-Tae and how they fit into the wider picture.
  • Do-Yun, on the other hand, is one great talking point here. He has a bigger role to play in all of this but learning that he is allied with Eul-Tae is a surprising twist.

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