Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1 episode 4 recap

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ has come with the fourth episode of season 1 on Netflix which depicts the ancient Bulgasal curse, with dramatic and gory fight scenes from the distant past and present.


Sang-Un persuades Si-ho that Dan Hwal was the one who saved her. Hwal is perplexed, questioning why his wife’s reincarnation is with her.

Si-ho wonders if Hwal is one of the monsters. Sang-Un denies it and tells her to go to bed and find a new place the next day. Si-ho is fed up with hiding and living in this manner. She reveals that she is pregnant and that she will be unable to continue existing like this.

Hwal slams the brakes on his car, lost in thought about his wife and Si-ho. He nearly collides with a truck and falls into the water. He recalls the lady telling him that everyone who has ties to him will be dragged into his Karma, even in their next lives, and that there is nothing he can do about it.

The lady who warned the village about Bulgasal saves him. He tells her that he found the woman he was looking for and that her sister is Dan Sol, his wife, when he regains consciousness. He remembers the lady’s promise to him 50 years ago. She promised to return Sang-Un to Bulgasal and retrieve his soul.

Hwal’s rescued boy sneaks into his house and inquiries about his wound. What is he, he wonders? He expresses gratitude to Hwal for rescuing him. Instead of asking the child to leave, he asks for a favour and allows him to stay for a few days. He agrees, but ties him up and confines him to a room.

Someone he calls ‘Dark hole’ approaches the monster from the bus stop. He informs him of everything that took place with Sang-Un.

Si-ho is persuaded to eat by Sang-Un. As her sister leaves for work, Si-ho apologises.

The next morning, Detective Kwon has an alcoholic taste in his mouth. He asks Mr. Goo for the client information once more. He tells him that he was fired for violating orders while investigating her family’s murder case because of Sang-Un. By agreeing to work for him, he obtains his phone number.

When the phone rings, the kid untangles his legs and attempts to flee. Detective Kwon calls him, and he accepts the call. Kwon inquiries about Hwal’s address as an excuse. He arrives soon after and interrogates the child. Nam Do-yun is the kid’s name, and he discovers that Kwon is lying. When the detective searches the room, he discovers that Hwal is the perpetrator.

Si-ho is saved by Hwal as the stranger breaks into her house. Si-ho detects movement, but the monster flees. Hwal promises that he will not harm her and that he is on the lookout for the monster.

Detective Kwon takes Nam Do-yun to find Hwal while Hwal pursues the monster. They spot Hwal and pursue him, but it’s all a set-up. As the sprinkler sprays water, the monster grows stronger, and they engage in a fierce battle. Hwal learns about the man he’s working with, ‘Dark Hole,’ who is also after Min Sang-Un’s soul.

When he sees Detective Kwon, who looks like his father, he has flashbacks of his own people. He abruptly vanishes and calls an investigator who is trailing Sang-Un through a nursing home. While on call, the investigator is killed by an unknown assailant.

Sang-Un is paying a visit to her grandmother, who welcomed them and guided them. She interrogates her grandmother about Bulgasal and her sister’s ambitions 15 years ago. Grandma sobs as she remembers her parents’ deaths from fire and Bulgasal. As Nurse tries to calm her down, she says, ‘Kill Bulgasal with Bulgasal’.

Si-ho calls her to let her know what’s going on. She tells her to go to the nearest motel and rushes over to her, but the man ‘Dark hole’ interrupts her. She sees blood on his wrist and attempts to flee. Hwal slams his car into the man, but she flees.

In the car, Detective Kwon, the kid, and the monster discuss Bulgasal. Hwal and Sang-Un meet in a tunnel, and she attempts to murder him. She discovers that Hwal was not the one who murdered her family; instead, it was a suspicious person who could have been a monster.

The monster who can smell her soul helps the detective and the kid get to the location, but he tries to kill him. The car trembles and catches fire as it descends the hill. Fortunately, both of them are unharmed, but they do come across the Dark hole.

Sang-Un is told to flee by Hwal, who has sensed the Dark hole. They battle it out, but Hwal is victorious. Sang-Un is now his prey, and he is on the hunt for her soul.

Her sister had asked her to find the sword that could kill Bulgasal, and she remembered a man with a scar on his right hand.

Meanwhile, the child saves Hwal. The man known as ‘Dark hole’ collapses as Hwal draws the sword with which he was stabbed. The Dark Hole attempts to assassinate Sang-Un, but is stabbed by Hwal and flees.

Hwal rests her head on his arm, hoping she will awaken. Sang-Un awakens and tells him about the man her sister advised her to look for. He was the one. As she passes away, she begs him for help.


  • The episode began to delve into a romance, possibly between Sang-Un and Si-ho, but it is unclear at this time.
  • With the kid’s incredulity over Hwal’s wounds, the genre veered toward comedy a little bit.
  • Not only were we perplexed, but Dan Hwal was as well when he heard her ask for his help.
  • Things have gotten a lot more complicated, and it will be interesting to see how all of the entanglements are resolved in the coming episodes.

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