Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1 episode 3 recap

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ has come with the third episode of season 1 on Netflix. The K-drama depicts the ancient Bulgasal curse, with dramatic and gory fight scenes from the distant past and present.


Dan Hwal tracks Sang-Un down to his apartment. However, she was able to flee through the hole dug by her sister Sang-Yeon 15 years ago. He looks for her but is unsuccessful. He is approached by two officers who inform him that the building is off limits, but he makes an excuse. He is asked for identification, but then he vanishes and flees.

He takes a cab to the front of Eunbaek Apartment and then to Dogu-dong Intersection because he mistook someone on the road for Sang-Un. They run into each other but are unable to see each other.

She panics as she enters her apartment and locks the door. She dials Si-ho’s number and requests that she return home as soon as possible. Si-ho, on the other hand, denies it and hangs up.

Rewind to their past, it shows the grief of their mother and Sang-Yeon leaving them. Si-ho blames Sang-Un for the death of their mother and sister. In the mirror, she asks herself why Hwal is chasing her and how she can kill Bulgasal.

From her notes, she learns about Mr. Yoon, who deals in antique swords. She also learns that a new sword from the Joseon period has arrived and goes to Mr. Yoon to persuade him to accept it. The sword, however, is not the one she is looking for.

A stranger waiting for the bus stares at her the entire time. She flees, but he pursues her. Her life is saved by the trembling sensation in her hand. Not only is Hwal after her soul, but there are others who are as well.

After learning from a private investigator, Mr. Goo, Hwal goes after a monster reincarnated as a human who is responsible for many missing people and kidnaps him. He interrogates him, but it tries to stab Hwal.

The private eye tries to persuade Detective Kwon to join his firm. He denies it, but recalls Ho-yeol, who resembled Sang-Un. He appears to be aware of Bulgasal.

Hwal laments the loss of his family in the monster’s car on the way back from Whoo Pharmacy, and notices a boy in the back. Then he visits the laundries in the suburbs to inspect them.

Si-ho calls back Sang-Un who works at a laundry plant. Hwal reaches the suburbs and starts finding her. He bribes the manager for her home address, but he can’t recognise her because she’s wearing a PPE suit to clean the filthy carpets.

Hwal drives the car back after recognising the rubber band.

Sang-Un is pursued by the stranger from the bus stop once more. She has a flashback about a cave and unintentionally attacks the stranger. Hwal comes to her rescue. He intended to kill Sang-Un after the monster fled, but when her finger touched his injured cheek, he caught a glimpse of her past. Meanwhile, Si-ho, who appears to be his wife, arrives.


  • Bulgasal is becoming more interesting as the lines between right and wrong blur because the motivations for both characters’ actions make sense.
  • Sang-Un is still in survival mode, attempting to carry out her sister’s wish of killing Bulgasal.
  • In the upcoming episode, Dan Hwal and Sang-Un may develop a romantic relationship, but you never know, right?  This is a fascinating set-up.
  • To be honest, it’s difficult to say where this story will go from here because everything is tangled.

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