Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War part 1 episode 6 recap & review

The sixth episode of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War sees Head Captain Yamamoto waging war against the Quincy King, Yhwach. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


After securing one of his own, Captain Yamamoto claims he is about to end Yhwach’s life. Much like how the Soul Reapers are encouraged by Yamamoto’s arrival, even the Quincies want to bring the fight with their king on the battlefield.

As the battle begins, Yamamoto shows off his powerful Bankai, called Zanka no Tachi, which evaporates every drop of water at the Soul Society.

The flames of Yamamoto get sealed inside his scorched sword, and Ywhach realizes what he is up against. He saw this Bankai a thousand years ago, and Yamamoto vows to leave an impact all over again.

Yhwach discovers the magnitude of destruction the tip of Yamamoto’s sword can bring. He plans to stay far away from it and then attack Yamamato. The only problem is that Yamamoto’s Bankai comes in different forms.

Even if Yhwach tries, he can’t get any closer to Yamamoto, as the Bankai named Zanka no Tachi, West, as in Zanjitsu Gokui, allows Yamamoto to surround himself with 15 million degrees celsius of heat.

Owing to the power Yamamoto’s Bankai possesses at this point, if he doesn’t end this quickly, he might burn the Soul Society to ashes along with Yhwach.

With Yamamoto coming closer, Yhwach turns to Quincy’s ultimate defensive incantation.

Yamamoto, on the other hand, brings the dead around him to life. Yhwach recognizes many of them to be his own subordinates who are now stopping him.

Assuming Yhwach can’t steal his Bankai, Yamamoto walks away, but a furious Yhwach breaks free to attack him.

Yamamoto wastes no time in finishing the battle with one final blow, only to realize that he has been fighting someone else all along.

The man he fought is actually Sternritter Y, also known as Royd Lloyd, who was impersonating Quincy King. The real Yhwach arrives and stands behind Yamamoto. Yhwach praises Royd and moves on to kill him.

He further discloses to Yamamoto that he was visiting Aizen to bring him on his side, but Aizen rejected his offer.

Yamamoto was exhausted after using his Bankai over an imposter. The frustration saw him going at Yhwach impulsively. Yamamoto chanced upon the same and stole his Bankai.

He wanted Royd to stall Yamamoto because he knew the power Yamamoto’s Bankai possesses and wanted to be the one to take it. Yhwach bid farewell to Yamamoto and attacked him.

Amidst all of this, Ishida learned that a thousand years ago, a Quincy empire known as the Licht Reich intended to annihilate all the Hollows.

They invaded the Soul Society, which was against this. Things didn’t go in the favor of the Quincy empire as they were wiped out by Thirteen Court Guard Squads.

About two hundred years ago from the present, the Soul Reapers decided to exterminate the surviving Quincies, believing that they would disrupt the circulation of souls.

Ishida came to the conclusion that the Soul Society and the Quincies will never get along.


  • Certainly, an action-packed episode, and watching Captain Yamamoto in action is a treat for sure.
  • In the last episode, Yamamoto ended up giving the viewers goosebumps upon joining the battlefield. This time, the hype to watch him and his Bankai was real and worthwhile.
  • For a minute, it feels like Yamamoto may really end up winning the war and there might be a bigger villain in the play, but the twist, in the end, changes everything.
  • The animation for the skeletons that came to life is a bit questionable as it is not up to par with the show’s animation.
Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War part 1 episode 6
Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War part 1 episode 6 recap & review 1

Director: Ema Saitō

Date Created: 2022-11-14 21:00

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