Better Call Saul season 6 episode 4 recap & review: Hit and Run

In Better Call Saul season 6 episode 4, Jimmy finds a new clientele after the news of his association with Lalo Salamanca becomes public while Gus Fring remains on the edge looking out for an attack from Lalo. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


The episode opens up with a couple cycling through their way in the neighbourhood and finding a bright red house which seems to violate the housing association’s code. As they reach their house and enter, it’s shown that their house is occupied by armed men who are surveilling a house in the neighbourhood which belongs to Gus Fring.

Next, Howard is seen heading toward his therapist for a session. Jimmy trying his best to look like Howard takes his car from the parking lot to pick up Wendy, who made an appearance in Breaking Bad. Meanwhile, Kim meets with Clifford Main to set up the whole act.

As Kim and Main sit in the coffee shop, a wreckless Jimmy rashly drives Howard’s car away right in front of them, stops, and pushes Wendy out of the car. Main recognises Howard’s car and Jimmy’s attempt at looking like Howard pays off as Main asks Kim about the guy being Howard.

Jimmy heads to the clinic and parks the car in a different spot. The busy guy that Howard is, he doesn’t notice the change and drives away in his car.

While giving the job’s reward to Wendy, Kim realises she’s being followed. Later, Kim tells Saul about it but he rubs it off.

The next day in the court, Jimmy is met with some resistance from people there as everybody knows now that he’s been advocating for the cartel and Lalo Salamanca.

However, it still acts in his favour as he starts receiving calls from people who know about his acquaintance with Lalo and want him to be their lawyer.

During a meeting with a client, Kim again notices the same car she saw following her earlier parked across the road. She heads to the car, notes down its plate, and questions the two guys about following her. Without answering definitively to Kim’s questions, both the gentlemen leave with an apology.

A while later, Kim comes across Mike in the cafe. Mike tells her that Lalo Salamanca is not dead and there’s a chance that he might contact her and Jimmy, in which case, it’d be better for Mike’s men to be around. Mike asks her to ignore his men for their own safety for the time being.

Gus Fring enters his house seen earlier in the episode. He looks quite nervous as he goes about his routine and takes his used clothes to the laundry room. Next, he opens a secret door and walks through a secret passage emerging from the nearby house belonging to the cycling couple we saw earlier.

The surveillance is being carried out by Mike on Gustavo’s orders in case Lalo decides to be mischievous. Mike expresses his apprehensions about Lalo being alive, but Gus is quite sure that he’s alive and breathing.

The episode closes with Jimmy giving Kim a brief tour of his new office space as he’s been asked to move out from the nail salon due to the sudden influx of some “dangerous” looking clients.

Kim remains wary after knowing about Lalo from Mike, but she refrains from telling Jimmy, who looks excited about the better work situation, about it.


  • The episode feels a rather dull one after the eventful three episodes before it. The action has settled with Nacho’s death, but there’s no sign of Lalo anywhere.
  • Jimmy and Kim have made some progress in their plans but it has remained at the same pace. It’s about time something happens on that tangent.
  • Jimmy is slowly turning into the Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad. He’s finding clients in some interesting people and taking a step further into murky waters.
  • There are some returning characters from Breaking Bad in this episode which might hit fans with some nostalgia.
  • This episode feels closer to Better Call Saul’s overall touch and tone as opposed to the first three which were closer to the world of Breaking Bad.

Rating: 3.5/5

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