Better Call Saul season 6 episode 3 recap & review: Rock and Hard Place

In Better Call Saul season 6 episode 3, Nacho finally decides to hand himself over to the Salamancas in exchange for immunity for his father. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Nacho managed to escape from the motel, but it didn’t take too long for his damaged truck to break down. The Salamanca twins find the truck parked in the middle of the road. However, Nacho hides inside an old oil tanker to save himself.

After the Salamancas leave, Nacho goes to a nearby garage and dials his father. After talking to his father a bit, Nacho calls Mike and asks him about the ambush at the motel. Mike tells him that it was not his call. Then he asks Mike to give the phone to Gus.

Nacho tells Gus about the consequences if he ends up in the hands of the Salamancas. He offers to assist Gus but only with the assurance that his father will be safe. Not satisfied with Gustavo’s promise, Nacho asks Mike to give his word. Mike promises Nacho that anybody who has to reach his father will have to go through him.

Kim and Jimmy plan the next few steps in their scheme to destroy Howard. But the District Attorney’s office has discovered that De Guzman is a fake identity used by the drug trafficker Eduardo Salamanca represented by Jimmy.

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The DA tries to convince Kim to make Jimmy rat on Lalo Salamanca and his associates.

Meanwhile, Jimmy takes the help of Huell to get another key made for Howard’s car. Before leaving, Huell asks Jimmy why he’s doing what he’s doing. Jimmy explains that it’s for the better good.

Back home, Jimmy and Kim discuss the DA’s offer. Kim tells Jimmy that the choice is between being a friend of the cartel or a rat.

Nacho has finally landed up in the hands of Gus after he has been assured of his father’s safety. Gus orders his man to roughen up Nacho to make it look convincing to the Salamancas. Mike takes it on himself to get the job done.

After preparing Nacho for the handover, Gus hands him over to the Salamancas in the presence of Don Juan. Don Juan asks Nacho about the guy who paid him to turn in Lalo. Nacho takes the name of Alvarez and says he’s been paying him for years.

Nacho not only takes the responsibility for Lalo’s murder, but he also takes the responsibility of putting Hector Salamanca in the wheelchair by swapping his medicines.

After throwing some heated remarks at the Salamancas, Nacho cuts himself free from the zip tie used to cuff him using a broken shard and takes Don Juan’s gun. He points the gun at Don Juan’s head while grabbing him by his neck.

From a distance, Mike’s been keeping an eye on the whole thing, with his rifle ready if anything went wrong. He wishes Nacho to shoot Don Juan. But before anything could happen, Nacho shoots himself in the head and ensures a “good death” for himself.

As Gus Fring sits in his van and goes away, an angry Don Hector shoots multiple times at the lifeless body of Ignacio “Nacho” Varga.


  • Michael Mando steals the limelight in his final appearance as Ignacio Varga.
  • Even like a helpless animal being led to the butcher, Michael Mando’s depiction of Nacho oozes grace and pride. In his last moments even, Nacho takes control of his death and denies the Salamancas the joy of his death.
  • Jimmy and Kim are still in the same phase. In a scene with Huell, Jimmy is faced with a tough question about his actions. On the other hand, Kim, without posing any questions of morality, has started seeing situations without any grey in the choices to be made.
  • The aesthetics of the episode focused more on the dilemma faced by Nacho. The opening sequence of rain falling over the heated desert reflects that, although briefly, the tensions will finally be calmed down with Nacho’s death.
  • The episode is nuanced and the tension boils beautifully until the very last moment without much being said.

Rating: 4.5/5

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