Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 5 recap & review

In Behind Your Touch episode 8, Ye-Bun asks Jang-Yeol to investigate an animal abuse case before they get busy with organized crime.


Bong Ye-Bun finds out that Assemblyman Cha’s documents were stolen by her grandpa who catches her sliding the documents back inside the Cha’s office. She confronts him about it and he leaves shortly thereafter, without saying much.

Mr. Park stumbles upon a dog who was buried alive and he rescues it, bringing it to Ye-Bun, who along with Seo-Woon, decides to pay the abuser back. She touches the butt and finds out that he was abused by his owner.

Meanwhile, Detective Moon gets a new case that involves Ok-Hui’s father’s fish finders getting stolen. He goes to Ye-Bun for her gifted help but she demands he solves the dog abuse case first and then she’ll lend a hand.

Jang-Yeol, Ye-Bun, Seo-Woon, and Mr. Park get on investigating. Ye-Bun and Seo-Woon go to the site where the dog is buried alive.

Meanwhile, Jang-Yeol looked for the security cam footage of all the cars that came near the site, with little success regarding any lead.

After buying her a lot of accessories and care products, Ye-Bun finally gives Jang-Yeol something to work with. She tries again and this time she tracks down the location of the abuser. They go and confront him.

The abuser is arrested and soon afterwards, Jang-Yeol deploys Ye-Bun for his investigation. She has to learn Arabic to discern what the Arabic men are saying to Ali, the man who Ok-Hui’s father employs and keeps on his boat.

Jang-Yeol finds out Ali’s culpability and then of all the people who have been stealing fish finders as an organized crime. However, the gang outnumbers the detective and the vet, and soon they find themselves dumped into the waters with their hands tied.

Ali turns up and saves them from drowning. Jang-Yeol goes back to the gang and pummels them all down. They’re all arrested and despite Ye-Bun and Ok-Hui’s parents asking him to let Ali go, Jang-Yeol ends up arresting him too.

Behind Your Touch episode 5 episode ends with the corpse of a girl washed up ashore.


  • Behind Your Touch episode 5 sees Ye-Bun’s powers get more upgrades, especially the ones that let her see in color even the memories of dogs.
  • Even if for the laughs and chaos, Ye-Bun and Jang-Yeol’s chemistry really blooms and they do have the potential to be an adorable couple.
  • Seo-Woon increasingly displays unhinged behavior and has already become a strong contender for the identity of the serial killer of Mujin.
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 5
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 5 recap & review 1

Director: Kim Seok-yoon, Choi Bo-yoon

Date Created: 2023-08-26 20:30

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