Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 2 recap & review

In episode 2 of Behind Your Touch, Ye-Bun receives a shocking vision while Jang-Yeol tries to score a big case.


Jang-Yeol receives a confidential tip about a big-time drug dealer operating nearby Mujin and thanks his former colleague in Seoul for it.

Ye-Bun’s unique and accurate diagnoses help the business rack up tremendous profits all of a sudden, but Auntie Heyon-Ok sees that they want more, so she has men from the local flatfish farm take Ye-Bun with them.

Ye-Bun gets sick of vaccinating the flatfishes and also eating them for all meals. She wants to get out while Jang-Yeol wants to get in since he got suspicious and convinced that the farm is the hub for drug dealing.

He gets all the force involved in a bust and arrests all farm workers, along with Ye-Bun. However, it turns out that he was wrong and he promptly releases Ye-Bun when Assemblyman Cha Ju-Man arrives to clear the misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, Ye-Bun gets a vision when she inadvertently touches a former vet schoolmate and fellow vet at the farm gig. In the shocking vision, she sees him torturing a tied-up woman who squeals and cries in extreme distress.

Jang-Yeol is assigned a case where he must find out the culprit behind a farmer’s onions dying as a result of premeditated murder by pesticides.

He eventually tracks down the culprit, who’s another farmer who did so because he was angry at the onion farmer’s dog who always pooped in his fields. He’s brought into questioning but denies all charges, asking where exactly is the proof of his crime.

Meanwhile, Ye-Bun is star-struck by a handsome young man who visits her with a stranded cat he saved. She later goes to his convenience store and he tells her about another cat he must save, and she accompanies him.

Diagnosing this cat shows her the vision of the culprit farmer digging the ground suspiciously. She goes to the spot and digs it out while Jang-Yeol is also there to find the proof.

After a hilarious run-in, he asks how did she find out about the pesticides buried there and she tells him it’s because she’s a psychic. Jang-Yeol again gets exasperated and shoos her away.

Meanwhile, Ye-Bun sees Ok-Hui removing her butt pad and trying her powers on her again, this time successfully seeing her recent past. A fear dawns on her as she realizes that the vision about that kidnapped girl must also be true then, just Behind Your Touch episode 2 concludes.


  • Behind Your Touch keeps being funny and while not as funny as its opening episode, it’s still quite a ride, and even the goofy sound effects work sometimes.
  • The biggest strength of the show, however, isn’t comedy but the brief moments of drama, dread, and doom that lingers and looms ever-so-subtly but surely.
  • The visions are finally taking a turn for the grim and a blurry string connecting the various characters and subplots has already started to emerge.
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 2
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 2 recap & review 1

Director: Kim Seok-yoon, Choi Bo-yoon

Date Created: 2023-08-13 20:30

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