Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 1 recap & review

Episode 1 of Behind Your Touch introduces protagonists Bong Ye-Bun and Moon Jang-Yeol, as well as supporting characters around them living in a small town called Mujin.


Behind Your Touch episode 1 opens with Bong Ye-Bun loses her mother to suicide and later goes on to live with her auntie and grandfather in Mujin.

She gets into a veterinarian school and graduates, becoming a vet and taking over the grandpa’s hospital too, but he never approved of her.

Now she runs the hospital with her auntie and has wracked up a lot of debt due to the loan she took for the redecoration. The town is infested with cows and pigs and the hospital isn’t doing so well with its primary patients — cats and dogs.

Moon Jang-Yeol, a detective stripped of his position at the Violent Crimes Unit in Seoul after a bust gone wrong, arrives at Mujin with notions he’s soon disabused of. He thinks he’ll stack points and be ready to return to Seoul as his performance would help reinstate him there.

However, there’s not much to do in Mujin, as transgressions range from petty crimes to even pettier ones. He’s taken to a room where he can stay at Ye-Bun’s best friend, Ok-Hui, and his colleague, Deok-Hee’s house.

Meanwhile, at a cow checkup that goes alright, Ye-Bun is struck by a meteor that gives her psychic powers. She wakes up to find she can see the animals’ memories when she touches their behind. She goes to see a shaman about it on Ok-Hui’s advice.

The shaman, Mr. Park, is a fraud, and he fills Ye-Bun’s head with nonsense about the importance of her performing a shaman rite of passage or her loved ones will start getting injured or even die.

When her grandfather gets hurt after slipping down the stairs, she throws money at the shaman’s antics. However, she soon learns and sees his fraudulent ways, and Mr. Park confesses that he does it to feed his family. Ye-Bun also tries doctors about her problem but nothing works.

She then realizes that her powers are only confined to pets and don’t work on humans and non-living things. When trying her powers on a pickpocket on a bus, she touches his butt twice only to be promptly cuffed by Jang-Yeol.

He later releases her and even later, the two run into each other as she learns he’s become her neighbor. Before that, however, she is able to help a poor man learn why his dog had registered a decrease in his appetite, realizing her powers are at least of some use.

Behind Your Touch episode 1 ends with Jang-Yeol tripping on stairs while carrying a mattress to his room, and Ye-Bun saving him by putting her hands on his butt.

She immediately sees a montage of a chase the detective was involved in, and when she opens her eyes, Jang-Yeol, who misread the situation, employs One Handed Shoulder Throw to lay her straight down to the ground.


  • Behind Your Touch episode, 1 is an absolute laugh riot for the majority of the runtime and takes no time to becoming a comfort watch.
  • The character introductions and the world-building is effortless and pleasant to watch. A crop of hilarious and heartwarming characters and a commendable mix of drama and comedy makes it a really impressive premiere.
  • The character of Mr. Park is perhaps the funniest of the lot and his mannerisms, micro-expressions, and deliveries are just perfect.
  • The sequence with the old man and his dog takes one by surprise and it’s rather difficult not to get misty-eyed watching it.
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 1
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 1 recap & review 1

Director: Kim Seok-Yoon, Choi Bo-Yoon

Date Created: 2023-08-12 20:30

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