Bad Sisters season 1 episode 9 recap & review: Going Rogue

The ninth episode of Bad Sisters sees the sisters reconsidering their moves since Becka has accidentally killed someone else, believing she had caught JP. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


The sisters are shocked to see JP, alive in flesh, knocking on their door. As the families settle down, the sisters take time out to examine where Becka went wrong.

Becka gets panicked and wonders if she locked Minna in the freezer. She leaves to check on her while the sisters try to distract JP during breakfast.

JP, who was not in the mood to sit down, leaves to meet Minna. Becka took cover to avoid JP, who found his mother missing and went on to search the entire house.

He soon found her dead alongside George’s body in the basement’s freezer. Becka knocks on the door and comes across JP, who tells her that she is sleeping and asks her to go away.

He suspects Becka knows something about it and notices her peeking around. JP places his mother’s body on a bed and calls the medic, informing them that he found his mother unresponsive in the bed.

The sisters receive a call from Grace, and she lets them know that Minna is dead. The news took a heavy toll on Becka as she broke down in Eva’s arms.

The sisters realize that JP is covering his tracks. Therefore, Becka and Eva left to check on George’s body, which is now missing as well. JP confronts them on their way out and questions Becka about piercing Minna’s nose.

At night, he gets rid of a suitcase that might contain George’s body.

The sisters mourn the death of Minna at her funeral. Eva worries about Becka, who is drinking and drowning herself in pain. Roger, who was also at the funeral, notices Oscar’s grave and suspects that JP made false claims about him to the authorities.

In order to get back to their lives, JP plans to take Grace for a hangout at their cabin for her birthday.

He also continues to drop hints that he knows the Garvey sisters are somehow behind everything that is happening to him. He confronts Eva about it at work, but she opts to not answer.

Two cops find Becka drunk near Minna’s grave and take her to Eva. A drunk Becka almost confesses that she is responsible for Minna’s death.

While Bibi and Ursula believe they should not make a move against JP anytime soon, Eva wants to finish it all as he is catching up to them.

During their time at the cabin, Roger comes and confronts JP. He questions why he accused him of harassing kids. JP clears up the fact that he doesn’t like him sniffing around his family and that they are not friends.

Roger forgives him and leaves, while Grace watches him go.

Becka spends the night drinking at a bar, while Bib jogs. Ursula hangs out with Ben, and Eva wakes up the next day with Becka by her side.

The sisters, except for Ursula, who is late, arrive at JP and Grace’s cabin to find police cars parked outside. Grace comes out, informing them that JP is dead.

In the present, Matt and Becka try to solve their differences. Thomas worries that he might be facing jail time for the fraud he carried out with his father.

Theresa takes matters into her own hands and seeks out Becka, but a seizure stops her from leaving. Luckily, Thomas comes back home looking for his wallet and finds Theresa unconscious.

Matt later meets Thomas, who tells him that he might lose both Theresa and the baby.

Watching his brother’s condition urges Matt to go out and investigate. He visits the bar JP was at before going back to his cabin, where he died.

Talking to the bartender results in him finding out that Becka was there at the same bar the night JP died. Thus, Eva’s statement that the sisters were all together was a lie.


  • The episode drops hints for a major character turn that would be of Grace. The show painted a picture of her that suggests she would rather accept what JP thinks of her, but it seems like she now has had enough.
  • Grace, isn’t the only one taking the spotlight. Matt, who till now, was just there with Thomas, is finally drawing a line between himself and Becka, to protect his own family.
  • The show paid off for the conflicting relationship between Becka and Eva from the last episode, with the latter comforting Becka and proving how much she cares for her.
Bad Sisters season 1 episode 9
Bad Sisters season 1 episode 9 recap & review: Going Rogue 1

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