Bad Sisters season 1 episode 8 recap & review: The Cold Truth

The eighth episode of Bad Sisters sheds light on George’s death and Becka’s new plan to kill John Paul. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


In a glimpse into the past of John Paul, he comes back to his father, George, who was working in his taxidermy studio in the basement.

John Paul came back to ask for money. George always despised his son for being selfish and declined to help. As JP walked away, his father accidentally ended up swallowing a polar bear’s eye.

JP decided not to help his father and watched him as he choked to death.

Back to the show’s main timeline, in the past, Becka informs her sisters about George’s body, which she found in the basement. They discuss how it ended up there.

Now they have something to frame JP for, but it would be of no use as Grace will stand by her husband and would never opt for a different life.

Becka wanted to use the freezer as a means to trap JP inside and let the cold temperature eventually kill him.

The sisters were worried that a number of traces would be left behind in this plan and wanted to examine the freezer first, before they could give Becka a green signal.

Back at the office, Eva finds herself frustrated when she learns that she didn’t get the job she worked hard for. The interviewer expressed that she isn’t temperamentally suited for it.

JP, on the other hand, got the opportunity and will be Eva’s boss from now on.

Eva is sure that JP filled the interviewer’s ears in order to lower her chances, but at this point, she can’t do anything about it.

Roger comes back and tries to get his life back together after he was arrested for a rumor spread by JP. He finds out about JP’s suicide attempt and comforts Grace.

He also tries to talk things out with JP later on in the episode, but JP asks him to stay away from his family.

The sisters later visit Minna’s house and examine the freezer. Everything checks out for Becka’s plan.

She will make a copy of the key to the freezer. Then hide in a closet nearby to trap JP once he comes to check the body.

Hours later when JP dies, she will return to unlock the door and will keep the key where it originally was. All of this to make it look like an accident.

Even if JP calls for help from the inside, no one on the outside would hear him. Eva disagrees with the soundproofing thing and doesn’t want Becka to go along with this.

Back at the office, JP continues to intimidate Eva after stealing her job. Gabriel stands up for her, but ends up discovering that Eva told JP about his relationship with another man.

JP then threatens Gabriel, resulting in the latter’s outburst as he beats JP in the washroom. As Gabriel leaves the premises, Eva follows him. Gabriel expresses his disappointment in her and questions her feelings towards JP.

Ben invites Ursula to meet him, and he shows her a house he is planning to live in. He wants to live with Ursula and the kids once she leaves Donal.

Ben learns that a photo JP has is the reason Ursula can’t be with him anymore. An angry Ben wanted to kill JP, but Ursula calmed him down.

With Ursula and Bibi’s permission, Becka, who is confident about her plan, gets ready to execute it.

On his way home, JP is confronted by a furious Ben, who promises he will kill JP and won’t care to serve jail time if anyone sees the photograph JP has.

Someone arrives at Minna’s basement, where Becka is hiding. She traps the person inside the freezer and successfully accomplishes her plan by the morning.

She visits Eva the next day and lets her know that she has managed to kill JP.

In the present, JP’s body is dug up and sent for a post-mortem.

Matt reconciles with Becka. While he is away to take a sip of water, she peaks into his phone to read a message from his brother that suggests they have dug up JP’s body.

She confirms it by visiting the cemetery, and later shares the news with her sisters. Eva is not happy with Becka being in a relationship with Matt, whose brother is investigating them.

Thomas is later told that the post-mortem results of JP’s body came inconclusive.


  • The show continues to grip the viewers into tuning in for every attempt the sisters are up to in order to kill JP, despite the fact that it won’t be revealed until the finale.
  • It maintains its flow by not adding too much or too little when it comes to mysteries. From the discovery of George’s body to this person who got stuck in the freezer.
  • The internal struggles between the sisters are reflected this time around with Eva and Becka, with the former continuing to be a mother figure for Becka by trying to protect her from getting her hands dirty.
Bad Sisters season 1 episode 8
Bad Sisters season 1 episode 8 recap & review: The Cold Truth 1

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