Bad Sisters season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Splash

The sixth episode of Bad Sisters sees the group helping Grace out by taking another shot at John Paul. This time around, though, it comes to fruition. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


After what happened last time, Bibi distances herself from the group. Grace continues to find herself as an individual by picking up an art class now. John Paul, on his side, makes her feel bad about her choices, reminding her of what went down with the dance class.

While Bibi keeps her way, the group discusses the collateral damage they caused the last time around. Eva accidentally spits out the idea of John Paul killing himself by drowning in a bathtub.

Ursula realizes this idea can actually work with a drug called Rohypnol, which won’t show up in the post-mortem report. This way, they can drug him and put him in his bathtub.

Becka continues to grow closer to Minna, and the latter ends up giving a cheque of 8,000 euros to Becka. Matt later discovers the same cheque, which Becka never cashed in. He clicks a picture of it and doesn’t let her know.

Grace attends the art class, and the model she is painting notices that she is good at art but struggles when drawing intimate body parts.

The model advises Grace that her husband has nothing to do with her body. It’s Grace who should be happy with it. This encourages Grace to buy a dress she likes.

In the present, Tom finds out from Roger that John Paul has tried to kill himself before. This leads him to question Grace who hardly says a thing but remembers a lot.

She lets Tom know that she isn’t comfortable talking about her husband’s suicide because he didn’t like it either. She also wonders if she is the reason behind it.

Back in past, John Paul is irked watching Grace having a good time with Roger. He calls a helpline number claiming that Roger has shown an unnatural interest in his son and is getting too close to him.

Grace shows off her new dress to John Paul, hoping they will come close, but he decides to put her down all over again. Blanaid sees her mother crying and reconciles with her.

Grace confesses her feelings to her sisters and Eva advises her to use her device to satisfy herself. Grace tries using it one night but she stops in a matter of seconds. She hides the device in one corner of the bathroom.

Amidst this, Becka makes up with Bibi so that they can execute their next plan on John Paul.

John Paul and Grace watch Roger being arrested for the call Paul made earlier in the episode. John Paul also ends up discovering what Grace is using in the bathroom.

He confronts her, but this time around Grace stands up for herself as she leaves the house and John Paul behind.

The sisters, on the other hand, got the drug they needed and added it to Paul’s nasal spray by breaking into his house. The plan works but instead of going into a deep sleep, John Paul sleepwalks.

He eventually finds his way outside to his boat and ends up falling into the water. Realizing John Paul can’t swim, the sisters watch him drown as their mission accomplishes.


  • Grace certainly steals the show as it’s a character that has shown full growth and it’s good to see her stand up for herself.
  • Claes Bang ups his game that will make the viewers hate his character more by doing what he did to Roger
  • The twist of the drug Ursula brought is pretty funny. Watching John Paul go through a number of antic before drowning is a treat to the fans as the episode comes to a close.
Bad Sisters episode 6
Bad Sisters season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Splash 1

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