Andor season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Narkina 5

In episode 8 of Andor, Cassian is taken to the place where he’ll serve his incarceration while several other developments take place across the galaxy. The episode is now streaming on Disney+.


Cassian is taken to Narkina 5 where’s supposed to serve out his sentence in an imperial factory. Syril is approached by officers of the ISB and then interrogated by Dedra.

She asks him why he’s put in requests searching for Cassian Andor and he tells her that he wants to clear his name and capture the man responsible for what happened on Ferrix.

Dedra shares her finding with Yularen and is backed by Partagaz for increased radio surveillance on Ferrix. Andor arrives on Narkina 5 where he’s taken down to the factory floor. He’s greeted by Kino Loy, the floor supervisor who explains how they operate.

It’s a competitive operation where prisoners are divided into groups and punished or rewarded based on their productivity.

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Mon meets with Tay once again and he tells her that accessing her funds is harder than they thought as they discuss a way to hide the credits they have already secured.

The floors in the facility are tungsten and the prisoners are made to walk barefoot so that they can be shocked as punishment anytime they do wrong. Mon mingles with the guests at her party, talking about politics and the emperor’s policies.

Bix and Brasso take care of Maarva who is falling sick in her old age. Vel and Cinta are in Ferrix watching her house in the hopes of catching Cassian. Bix decides to contact Luthen to help find Cassian herself.

Kleya tells Luthen that her contacting them is not safe and insists that they shut down the communication for good. The next day, the imperials raid the place where Bix sent the message from and then chase after her.

Luthen visits Saw Gerrara to convince him to work with a fellow rebel for a big score but Gerrera isn’t interested. Bix is eventually captured and taken in for questioning with Dedra waiting for her at the hotel.


  • The sets and locations in this episode are amazing. The all-white factory setting is truly mesmerising and the franchise has always done well with its designs.
  • Cassian doesn’t talk much in this episode while there are other subplots that progress in this episode which a quite significant.
  • Syril’s character is once again put down even after speaking of his loyalty and insistence on justice and clearing his name. He gets shot down by Dedra despite wanting to join her investigation.
Andor season 1 episode 8
Andor season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Narkina 5 1

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