Andor season 1 episode 6 recap & review: The Eye

Episode 6 of Andor is focused on the heist carried out by the rebels and the problems that arise along the way. The episode is now streaming on Disney+.


Cassian and the rest are getting ready to carry out the heist as preparations are underway at the garrison to welcome the Aldhani’s to witness the “Eye”, the celestial event.

Lieutenant Gorn and Commandant Jayhold Beehaz are at the forefront of the preparations as they aim to impress the Imperial engineer who is visiting.

Vel and Cinta are at a secondary location across the river as Cassian and the guys get dressed in the Imperial uniforms and take their positions.

After completing some basic cultural formalities between the Empire and the Aldhanis, Jayhold and his family along with the engineer make their way back inside the garrison with Cassian and the gang in tow.

Vel and Cinta approach the dam from the river and place a comms jammer to signal the go-ahead for the plan. Once inside, Vel and Cinta join the others as they kill the engineer and restrain Jayhold’s family.

They order him to help them open the vault despite his claims that he can’t open it himself. They head down to the vault where they surprise the small squad of officers near the vault. Cinta stays with Jayhold’s family and the restrained officers in the command centre.

The officer in the communications room at the top of the garrison begins to wonder what happened to their comms and he overhears Vel and Cinta’s conversation on a certain frequency.

Everyone is loading the freighter with the credits as fast as they can as Gorn joins them down there. Jayhold is shocked to find out that Gorn is involved and claims that he will be hanged for being a traitor.

An alarm is raised in the nearby Alkenzi airbase and pilots are getting their Tie fighters ready to intercept. The communications officer and his squad arrive at the vault and are confused by what they see. Gorn tries to tell him that it’s a classified operation.

He looks to the Commandant but Jayhold collapses from the strain of the situation and the officers realize that there’s trouble. A firefight breaks out and the gang are forced to rush their escape. Tarramyn and Gorn are gunned down before they can escape.

As Cassian takes the ship out, Nemik is caught between two crates of credits and is paralyzed from the waist below. He still manages to guide Cassian through the Eye safe and sound as the fighters pursuing them are destroyed.

Cinta dresses up in an Imperial uniform and makes her way out of the garrison to blend in with the crowd.

Vel and Skeen tell Cassian that there’s a doctor who can help Nemik and they go to him. While Nemik is being operated on, Skeen suggests splitting the stolen goods amongst themselves leaving the others but Cassian doesn’t agree. He immediately shoots Skeen.

He goes into the tent to find that the operation was unsuccessful and Nemik is dead. He tells Vel that he just wants the money that he was promised for the job and will leave her alive along with the rest. She gives him Nemik’s manifesto since Nemik wanted him to have it.

Mon Mothma is reading out a proposal in the senate when she’s interrupted by a disturbance. All the officers of the ISB are called in for an emergency meeting by Major.

Luthen and his assistant are attending to some customers when another asks him if he has anything from Aldhani as it is all over the news because of some robbery. Luthen goes to the back and laughs in joy upon hearing that his plan was successful.


  • The episode whizzes past at a frantic pace and doesn’t do justice to the heist concept. There is the usual suspense on whether things might go wrong but it feels mild at best.
  • Even the deaths in the episode don’t have the emotional impact they should have as the series has been half-hearted in establishing their importance. Only Nemik can be considered a character who endeared himself making his death a little sad, but the others feel abrupt.
  • The VFX during the Eye event is beautiful and the addition of fighters chasing a freighter is an added effort that deserves appreciation for its execution.
ANdor season 1 episode 6
Andor season 1 episode 6 recap & review: The Eye 1

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