Andor season 1 episode 12 recap & review: Rix Road

In the season finale of Andor, Cassian returns to Ferrix as multiple people converge on the planet to capture or kill him. The episode is now streaming on Disney+.


Dedra Meero arrives on Ferrix to make sure she’s present for Cassian’s capture. Preparations are in full swing for Maarva’s funeral as the Daughters of Ferrix want to ensure Maarva gets a respectable send-off.

Paak’s son is working on a device while he observes a holo image of his father who was questioned and killed by the Empire. Dedra takes a walk around town undercover as Cinta follows her.

Xan tells Brasso that Cassian called and Brasso tells him to keep it under wraps. Nurchi overhears the conversation and gets Xan drunk to confirm his doubts that Cassian might return.

Mon argues with her husband about his gambling issues while their driver secretly listens on. Vel also arrives on Ferrix as Cinta is preparing for the next day.

Cassian is on Ferrix and he sneaks into Bix’s yard and finds Pegla who tells him what happened to Bix. Luthen is on the planet too after his skirmish with the Empire.

Cassian listens to Nemik’s manifesto as everyone gets ready for the monumental day ahead of them. The next morning, Dedra insists that she wants Cassian taken in alive.

Meanwhile, the ISB is celebrating the successful repelling of Anto Kreegyr’s attack but they didn’t capture any survivors and Dedra is not happy about that when she hears it. Before that, Belvin was listening to Mon’s driver who was telling him about the senator’s troubles.

Cassian meets Brasso and feels guilty for not being there for his mother. Brasso gives him the message that Maarva left for him and tells him to be careful. Cassian says he’s planning on saving Bix.

Syril and Sergeant Mosk also make it to Ferrix and as they enter the town, things begin to rumble. Luthen meets Vel who says that they’re waiting for the anvil to be rung but it is rung early.

The band for Maarva’s funeral procession begins playing as Cassian takes up a high vantage point to survey the landscape. Nurchi has a good idea of where he is and decides to capitalise on it.

The procession marches down Rix road, drawing a huge crowd and the Empire is forced to mobilise all of its troops. Nurchi goes up to the undercover officer and tells him to double the reward for Cassian because he knows where he is.

The procession takes its position right outside the hotel as Dedra and a team go out to capture Cassian. He’s already left his hiding spot by the time they get there.

B2EMO plays a recording of Maarva she made before her passing. She gives a rousing speech about fighting back against the Empire that heats up the crowd. Cassian sneaks into the hotel through an underground passage.

The captain tries to stop the recording and this incites a riot as Paak’s son throws the device he made, which is a bomb. Chaos ensues as the people of Ferrix battle with the Empire.

Dedra is almost engulfed by the mob but Syril shows up just in time to save her. Cassian finds Bix’s room and tells her that it is time to go.

Cinta and Vel begin packing up their things so that they can get out of there while Luthen also puts some distance between him and the action. Cassian takes Bix to a ship in Pegla’s yard where Brasso and a few others are getting ready to leave.

He tells them where to go but doesn’t leave with them. He says that he will find them again and they just need to stay safe.

On Coruscant, Mon Mothma and her family welcome Davo Sculden and his son in what appears to be the first step in the children’s betrothal.

Cassian had seen Luthen in town earlier and when Luthen gets back to his ship, he finds Cassian waiting for him. Cassian knows Luthen was there to kill him and gives him a chance to. He tells Luthen to either let him die or take him in.

Luthen considers Cassian’s request and then puts down his gun as he smiles in anticipation of their future together.


  • This was an amazing way to end the season and set things up for the next. There is very little to criticise as everyone involved knocks it out of the park.
  • The script is magnificent from Nemik’s manifesto to Maarva’s inspiring speech. These transcendent words blended with an engulfing background score produce some really poignant moments.
  • Giving so many characters a small spotlight without making the episode feel too congested is a credit to the director who guides the episode at a great pace.
  • A small look at Mon Mothma’s next step felt like a formality while the post-credit scene was a nice little moment of canon building.
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