Andor season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Announcement

Episode 7 of Andor covers the aftermath of the Aldhani robbery and the measures taken by the people in charge in Coruscant. The episode is now streaming on Disney+.


Syril is getting ready for a job interview but much to his annoyance, he’s subject to more criticism about his appearance from his mother who tells him that he’s got a big opportunity and he must not waste it.

Colonel Yularen briefs the other officers of the ISB on how they plan to retaliate against these dissidents by levying heavy fines and tributes on existing communities under the Empire’s control and doling out harsher prison sentences.

Mon Mothma visits Luthen to confirm whether he was behind the heist and condemns his actions but Luthen stands firm that this needed to be done and she should just surrender if her heart can’t handle the consequences.

Syril goes for his interview at the Bureau of Standards where he ends up revealing why he was dismissed from his previous job. The interviewer says that he can help him clear his record and this is a good place to start.

Kleya meets with Vel at a secret location and tells her that it was a risk on Vel’s part to try and contact them. She then tells Vel to locate Cassian and take care of him since he’s a loose end.

Cassian is back on Ferrix and he goes home to Maarva and Bix. Cassian tells her that he’s secured enough credits for them to get out there and start anew but Maarva says she’s tired so it’s better if they leave in the morning.

Mon Mothma is having a party at her place where she meets Tay Kolma, a childhood friend of hers who is also a banker. They have a layered conversation where they imply their allegiances to the rebel movement as Mon asks Tay to help her access her family funds.

Cassian visits Bix so that he can talk to her and she tells him that it’s not safe for him to be there. She says that everyone in town blames him for the Empire coming in even though it was her old boyfriend who ratted him out.

He agrees to get out there after leaving behind enough credits to pay off all his debts. He’s walking through town making sure to avoid any stormtroopers and he remembers the last time the Empire was in town years ago. His father tried to stop some protestors and was punished instead.

He gets back home to find that Maarva hasn’t packed anything yet. She says that she’s not willing to go and he should go on his own since it’s not safe for him. She wants to stay behind and help the rebellion that has picked up steam thanks to news of the heist.

Cassian tries to convince her that it’s pointless to stand up against the Empire but she brings up the fact that for so long she avoided the street where his father was hanged but now with renewed confidence, she was able to walk down that street.

Another meeting of the ISB officers and Major Partagaz going around the table discussing minor issues that he found with his subordinates. He calls Blevin who complains yet again about Dedra’s overreach and flaunting of the rules.

Dedra says that her overreach has helped her gather cold hard evidence that there is an organised rebel effort running through the galaxy and that her suspicions were right all along. Major Partagaz takes her side on this and then later commends her before telling her to watch her back.

Cassian is now Niamos where he’s staying under the cover of a tourist named Keef. He’s walking along the beach when he notices a couple of people running from shoretroopers.

He gets stopped by one just for looking suspicious and gets taken in to face judgement. He’s given 6 years of imprisonment for a crime he didn’t commit as he pleads with them that he didn’t do anything.

Syril is sitting at his chair carrying out his soulless job, just contemplating his life.


  • The highlight of this episode is the performances of the cast. It is filled with several conversations, each with a different tone and the actors deliver their lines wonderfully.
  • The audience is also given a look at the more ruthless and dirtier side of the rebellion as Kleya orders the death of Cassian. The fact that the “good guys” want to kill someone who helped them because he’s a loose end is definitely on the wrong end of the morality scale.
  • The dialogue in this episode is engaging and backed up on the screen. Mon Mothma’s conversation with Tay Kolma about being underestimated and Blevin and Dedra’s verbal sparring session are standouts.
  • Despite all he’s seen, Cassian still remains the reluctant rebel with an air of pessimism. His character is well-rounded and a joy to watch.
Andor season 1 episode 7
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