Andor season 1 episode 5 recap & review: The Axe Forgets

In episode 5 of Andor, the day of the heist approaches and tensions rise between Cassian and the rest of the group. The episode is now streaming on Disney+.


Syril is generally lamenting his existence while his mother chews him out for getting kicked out of his job and not having any prospects.

Cassian wakes up to find all of his belongings missing and finds Skeen going over all of them. He tells Cassian that Vel asked him to check everything out because she doesn’t trust him either. Cassian tells Skeen not to touch his stuff ever again.

Mon Mothma is at the dining table when her husband walks in. She’s waiting for her daughter so that she can drop her off at the academy but her daughter says that she’s going with her father instead and that Mothma shouldn’t pretend that she cares.

Nemik tells Cassian all about his manifesto and belief that the rebellion is a real thing on the rise and it won’t take long before it becomes too much for the Empire to handle.

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Taramyn and Vel call Cassian and test his knowledge about the ship they’ll be using to escape. Cassian realises that they actually don’t know how to handle it and insists that he’ll be the one flying it because he wants to save himself.

Taramyn goes over the layout of the target with Cassian and they practice marching like soldiers of the Empire. Gorn does a few rounds of the facility to make sure everything is fine.

Blevin is overseeing operations in Ferrix and orders Captain Tigo to set up the Imperial headquarters before his next staff meeting.

Dedra Meero and her assistant are going through scores of files to find out any sort of connection or lead on the rebel activity but she’s not so confident in her hunch. Her assistant assures her that she’s onto something.

Syril’s mother tells him that she’ll reach out to his uncle Harlo to secure a new assignment for him or take him on. The group sets out on their journey towards the facility.

Vel keeps quizzing Cassian and he replies with a question of his own. He questions Gorn’s motivations for getting involved. Vel tells him that Gorn fell in love with a local woman which cost him a promotion and the woman that he loved.

Gorn makes sure security is lax during the celestial event so that the heist can go on smoothly. Along the way, Skeen ambushes Cassian and pulls out the stone that Luthen gave him.

Cassian admits that he’s on this job for the money, for the sake of transparency and to earn the trust of the others. He tells them that so close to the job, it’s natural to feel afraid and tells them that if they want to leave, they can but not to use him as an excuse.

Mothma continues to have a contentious relationship with her husband. Syril obsesses over Cassian. The group arrive at their checkpoint close to the facility and Skeen tells Cassian that he’s in this for revenge because the empire killed his brother. Vel and Cinta break off to carry out their part of the plan.

Luthen is anxious about the plan and his assistant, Kleya, tells him that no matter what happens he cannot influence things from where he is so he shouldn’t dwell on it.


  • Cassian is such an intriguing character and Diego Luna does a delightful job playing him. His distinct knowledge of such a wide variety of topics coupled with his general mindset of pessimism makes him the perfect anti-hero who has the responsibility thrust upon him.
  • Mon Mothma arc in the series so far is to depict that even in a galaxy far far away, there will always be a conflict between teenage girls and their mothers, as well as the fact that unhappy marriages exist and don’t change in their portrayal.
  • This grounds the series in reality and balances out the wonder of the sci-fi genre, although her involvement with the rebels is kept intentionally vague and needs to be remedied soon.
  • Syril serves as a great disposable character who behaves like such a man-child who went overboard trying to impress his higher-ups and his obsession might eventually lead to his death, or even more humiliation.
Andor season 1 episode 5
Andor season 1 episode 5 recap & review: The Axe Forgets 1

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