Andor season 1 episode 10 recap & review: One Way Out

Major events take place in episode 10 of Andor as the inmates of the factory rally together after Kino and Cassian learn about their fates under the Empire. The episode is now streaming on Disney+.


Cassian does his best to convince Kino that the next day when the new man comes in, it will give them the best chance of escaping. They go back to their bunk where Kino tells everyone else the truth about the prisoners who were killed on level two.

Anto Kreegyr’s men seem to have taken the bait set by Dedra and ISB. The next morning at the factory, Kino reiterates that this is their last chance to do something about their situation or else they’re never getting out.

A doctor arrives to check up on Maarva who is not doing well. Cinta is keeping a close eye on the place but there seems to be someone else watching as well.

Davo Skuldun meets with Mon Mothma as Tay Kolma is also present. They speak vaguely but Mothma makes it clear that she needs Skuldun’s help moving some credits around. Skuldun refuses a fee in return and instead asks for his son to be introduced to Mothma’s daughter instead.

It is a Chandrillan custom to betroth the children at a young age and Skuldun and Mothma’s children are 14 and 13 respectively. Mothma is against the custom and dismisses Skuldun’s request outright, even though he believes that she will be forced to come back to him eventually.

Kleya tells Luthen that a message has been sent and one of their contacts wants to meet in person. Kleya thinks it could be a trap but Luthen believes that it isn’t because the contact is reaching out after an entire year.

On the factory floor, the prisoners are hard at work and Cassian goes to the washroom to tamper with the water pipe. The new man arrives and Cassian manages to break the pipe in time, letting the water flow out.

As the platform is being lowered, Cassian and another inmate attack, causing chaos. The others on the floor begin throwing items at the guards who are fighting back with blasters. One of them orders the man on the control panel to switch on the floor and fry the prisoners.

Some men die but because the water is overflowing, the power reboots and the floor shuts down, allowing the prisoners to take control. They start climbing out and move through the floors with weapons in hand, encouraging other prisoners to escape.

Cassian and Kino get to the command centre and order the men there to switch off power in the entire facility. Kino gets on the intercom and gives a rousing speech about taking control of their destinies and escaping.

They eventually get to the exit platform and prisoners begin jumping into the ocean but Kino hesitates and tells Cassian that he can’t swim. Before Cassian can reach out to him, however, he is pushed down himself along with Melshi, another inmate.

Officer Lonnie Jung is seen in the lower levels of Coruscant with a worried look on his face. He gets onto an elevator and then looks for a comm device hidden in it. He puts it on and he’s revealed as Luthen’s inside man.

Luthen asks him why they’re meeting and Lonnie tells him about Dedra and the investigation she is running. He also tells Luthen about the trap set for Kreegyr and Luthen says that Kreegyr will be a necessary sacrifice to keep Lonnie’s identity a secret.

Finally, when they’re face to face, Lonnie tells Luthen that he can’t keep helping the rebels because he’s a father now and he worries about his family’s safety.

Luthen tells Lonnie that he’s given up hopes of having a peaceful life filled with calm and love and now he must dedicate his energy to the cause, for which he needs heroes like Lonnie. He refuses Lonnie’s request to back out and sends him on his way.


  • The dialogue in this episode stands out as Andy Serkis and Stellan Skarsgård deliver impactful monologues with strong messages behind them.
  • Even the performances of all the actors are high-intensity with some great scenes throughout. The entire breakout sequence in the facility is hugely inspiring.
  • Mon Mothma’s story is used to talk about slightly different matters such as child marriage which appears to be a custom in her home planet. The reveal comes as a bit of a surprise and will be key to her character depending on how she ultimately reacts to it.
Andor season 1 episode 10
Andor season 1 episode 10 recap & review: One Way Out 1

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