Alchemy of Souls part 2 episode 7 recap & review

The seventh episode of the second part of ‘Alchemy of Souls’ sees Go Won and Jang Uk developing an understanding and uniting to save Yul. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Jang Uk saves Yul from the mages of Cheonbugwan. One of them tells him that it was Jin Mu who put the blood parasite in So-i.

The news spreads everywhere, causing panic among people, as Yul’s death could result in a full-fledged war involving the Seo family, Songrim, and Cheonbugwan.

An enraged Jang Uk reaches Cheonbugwan to kill Jin Mu. Go Won stops him and refuses to get out of his way even when Jang Uk threatens to kill him.

Go Won reminds him of all the anger and grief he has been repressing; all his efforts would go to waste if he kills Jin Mu now. Park Jin enters the scene and announces that Songrim will follow Jang Uk.

Jang Uk decides to wait for Go Won to bring Jin Mu to him. At Go Won and the mages of Cheonbugwan’s insistence, Jin Mu agrees to take responsibility for his actions.

He begs Jin Ho-gyeong to help him cure Yul. Following the king’s orders, she agrees to help Yul. Go Won brings them to Jang Uk, and Jin Mu apologizes to him, but Jang Uk does not consider him worthy of his attention.

Jang Uk had asked for Jin Ho-gyeong’s help earlier, but she had refused to get involved. He manages to force her hand, but not without accepting the condition that he would have to send Bu-yeon back to her.

Bu-yeon finds the letter written by Yul, but Lady Heo snatches it from her. On the other hand, Jin Ho-gyeong reveals that the blood parasite can be taken out of Yul’s body with the help of the fire bird.

Park Jin is asked to go to the Seoho Fortress to assure Yul’s father of his safety. Go Won volunteers to help save Yul by entering Jinyowon with Jang Uk, but they are warned not to argue in the place where the fire bird resides.

Park Jin tells Jang Uk that if Bu-yeon is dear to him, he should not abandon her to save Yul; he should find a way to save them both. Jang Uk disagrees, as he believes letting her go is for the best.

Master Heo plans to employ a water wick that the Seo family uses to absorb the remainder of Yul’s energy, which the blood parasite would mistake for his core. The parasite would then enter it. 

Cho-yeon is chosen to carry it to Jinyowon since the parasite was made from her family’s blood and her blood’s energy is similar to that of the parasite.

Bu-yeon offers to take her place when the possibility of Cho-yeon being pregnant arises, while Jang Uk gives up his stacks of gold, earned from slaying soul shifters, to create a new barrier around the fire bird.

Bu-yeon, who is carrying the parasite and Yul’s energy, is taken to Jinyowon, where she meets Go Won. They finally discover each other’s true identities.

Go Won and Jang Uk get rid of the parasite together, and Bu-yeon manages to transfer Yul’s energy to his body in time, saving his life.

Lady Heo takes Yul’s letter to Park Jin, but when she finds out he has already left, she reads the contents of the letter and discovers that Bu-yeon is Naksu.

Bu-yeon figures out that Jang Uk has promised to send her back to her mother. She agrees to leave. Jang Uk still does not tell her why he needed her.

Instead, he says that she is no longer of any use to him. A furious and hurt Bu-yeon leaves him but does not go to Jinyowon directly. 

It is revealed that it was always Master Lee’s intention to resolve the differences between Jang Uk and Go Won.

Jin Mu, growing uncomfortable with Jang Uk and Go Won’s improving relationship, shows Go Won that Jang Uk was born under the King’s Star. He tells Go Won that Jang Uk is dangerous because he can take his place anytime.

Since Jang Uk possesses the gold plaque and the letter left behind by the late king, Jin Mu requests Go Won to let him send Jang Uk far away from here.

Maidservant Kim rebukes Jang Uk for sending Bu-yeon to Jinyowon as if she is an object. Alone in his room, Jang Uk cannot stop thinking about Bu-yeon, and the lamp that she extinguished to show him her powers keeps turning on and off on its own.

Bu-yeon has been staying at Sejukwon, taking care of Yul, who finally wakes up. Yul confronts Master Lee about Bu-yeon being Naksu. However, Master Lee tells him to forget about this because, contrary to his intentions, Jin Ho-gyeong’s wish has come true.

At the moment, two souls are coexisting in Bu-yeon’s body. Since it is Bu-yeon’s body, her soul will awaken soon after using up Naksu’s energy, and then Naksu’s soul will disappear forever.

Cho-yeon comes to take Bu-yeon with her, stating that Jang Uk will not come here for her. Bu-yeon goes to get Songrim’s Spirit Plaque before leaving and meets Jang Uk there.

Jang Uk apologizes and thanks her for everything. He tells her that he wanted her to take out the ice stone from his body and kill him in the process, but now he has no use for her because he does not want to die.

He further adds that even though he thinks he did the right thing by letting her go, he keeps pining for her. She expresses her wish to be with him, and he kisses her, finally accepting his feelings for her.


  • This episode picks up speed in terms of the progression of the plot. It is evident that Jang Uk is closer to finding out the truth about Naksu’s death.
  • The extent of Jang Uk’s powers and the position that those powers have earned him are depicted in this episode. Until now, it was known that he is unbeatable and that he is the strongest man alive, but the fear he inspires, even in the king, was seen for the first time.
  • Another twist came to light in the explanation regarding Naksu’s soul. At this point, it seems less like a twist and more like an addition to the plot inspired by the indecisiveness and confusion of the writers.
Alchemy of Souls part 2 episode 7
Alchemy of Souls part 2 episode 7 recap & review 1

Director: Joon Hwa Park

Date Created: 2022-12-31 23:02

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