Ahsoka season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Dreams and Madness

Thrawn showcases his tactical acumen and intelligent understanding of his enemies in Ahsoka episode 7 when dealing with the arrival of Ahsoka Tano. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


Hera is facing trial for disobeying the orders of her superiors but the timely arrival of C-3PO helps her out as he confirms that Senator Organa approved of Hera’s mission. Mon Mothma asks her if her claims are to be believed and Hera says they should prepare for the worst.

Ahsoka is training her forms with a recording of Anakin that he left behind for her. Huyang walks in and says that they must be reaching their location since the purrgil are slowing down.

When they drop out of hyperspace, the whales find themselves in a minefield and Ahsoka and Huyang fly out to get closer to the planet’s surface. The whales jump again, and Ahsoka decides to fly into the debris field after fighters are sent to pursue them.

Sabine and Ezra travel the land with the rest of the Noti as Sabine gives Ezra a refresher on everything that has happened back home without revealing anything about Thrawn.

When Thrawn finds out that Ahsoka was trained by Anakin, he orders the fighters to retreat and tells Morgan Elsbeth that he will rely on her aggressiveness and unpredictability to deal with her.

Baylan and Shin spot the Noti caravan and Baylan tells Shin to inform Thrawn before taking out Ezra and Sabine while he goes on a journey of his own. Ahsoka decides to look for Sabine using the Force and manages to find out where she is.

While Ahsoka flies toward them, Ezra and Sabine face off against Shin and the bandits. Thrawn orders reinforcements to help take them out and says that they have bought themselves enough time to transfer their cargo and get them ready to leave the system.

Ahsoka jumps off her ship and finds Baylan waiting for her. They duel for a short while and Baylan insists that Ahsoka cannot beat him, but she counters that she doesn’t have to as Huyang flies by and fires some flares to distract Baylan and allow Ahsoka to escape.

With Ahsoka’s arrival, Ezra and Sabine have the upper hand and Thrawn orders a retreat after noticing that Baylan is nowhere to be seen either. Ahsoka asks Shin to lay down her weapon but she runs away instead.

Ahsoka and Ezra share a warm reunion as Thrawn claims a minor victory in his first battle with Ahsoka.


  • This episode shows off just a smidge of Thrawn’s exceptional talent as a tactician and establishes the threat he poses as a character in the galaxy. His pragmatism is what makes him one of the smartest characters in the Empire and that is seen here.
  • Baylan’s journey is certainly an intriguing one as there remains some mystery behind his motives. He does talk about power but he also makes vague references that make audiences wonder what he’s pointing toward.
  • Huyang remains one of the comedic highlights and David Tennant deserves all the flowers for this performance. His voice acting is just so emotional and wonderful to observe.
Ahsoka season 1 episode 7
Ahsoka season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Dreams and Madness 1

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