Acapulco season 2 episode 7 recap & review: Always Something There to Remind Me

Episode 7 of Acapulco revolves around Chad and Julia’s joint bachelor and bachelorette parties that devolve into chaos. The episode is streaming on Apple TV+.


Diane and Maximo question the employees of the resort to find out who is the mole that leaked information to Fabian. 

Chad bursts into the room claiming he knows who the culprit is and accuses Memo because he was seen talking to Fabian in the recorded footage of the Hollywood party. 

Maximo is worried that his best friend might suffer because of his mistake so he tries to convince Chad to find more evidence. 

Chad says he’ll question Memo at dinner later that night to make sure. 

Chad and Julia are discussing the plan for the evening when they run into Kelli, Chad’s ex-girlfriend. She says that she’s in Mexico with her husband and she had the urge to meet Chad. 

Without giving them a chance to answer, she invites herself to their dinner plans later on. Chad apologises to Julia and says that she’s only quirky and wouldn’t be too much of a problem. 

Julia and Sara are getting ready for the party and Julia asks Sara to make sure Kelli stays away from Chad. She also notices the bracelet that has found its way to Sara’s hand and says that it’s very pretty. Sara says she found it at the resort and gives it to Julia.

Esteban and his mother are at Nora’s house for dinner when a guest drops by, Don Pablo. Esteban is slightly jealous of Don Pablo because his mother keeps praising him while putting her own son down constantly.

Everyone arrives at Isabel’s restaurant for dinner and Maximo asks Isabel to make sure Sara doesn’t drink alcohol that night. Chad asks Isabel to keep Kelli away from Julia because it might cause some tension.

Kelli arrives and is noticed by Hector who immediately starts hitting on her even though she’s married.

Chad tells Maximo that they need to keep watch for any signs of wealth on Memo because he would have got handsomely paid for leaking news to Fabian. Memo then walks in wearing a brand-new suit but he tells Maximo in Spanish that it actually belongs to his cousin who passed away.

The doubts continue as Memo finds cash in the pockets of the suit and offers to pay for everyone’s drinks. When Chad suggests getting the mole, Memo assumes he’s referring to the sauce and goes along with it, stating that he loves mole and is known as Mr. mole.

People keep moving around at the party as Hector is insistent on landing Kelli, while Sara and Isabel try to fulfil the roles they were asked to carry out. Julia finds out a few things about Chad that she didn’t before and never expected.

Sara tries to keep Kelli away from Chad but doesn’t know conversational English so she just repeats random lines she’s learnt at school. They eventually bond, when Kelli suggests they have a drink and Isabel, is not there to stop her.

Maximo tells Memo that Chad suspects him of being the leak and Memo gets even more nervous. Maximo can’t take it anymore so he tells Isabel all about his problem with Fabian and she suggests that he quit and work at her family restaurant to make things easier.

He considers it but doesn’t want to give up on his career at Las Colinas just yet. Memo is under pressure from Chad and blurts out that Diane had an affair with someone. When Chad asks him who it was, Hector pipes up and says it was him.

During all the chaos, Maximo notices that Julia is wearing the bracelet that he bought. He walks out and she follows him. He tells her that he bought that for her but threw it into the ocean when she said yes to Chad.

They both reveal that they can’t stop thinking about the kiss and still have feelings for each other but feel stuck.

Hector says that he really cared about Diane and she broke his heart. Chad consoles him but listens to every word he says and gets more suspicious. Kelli is drunk and kisses Memo while Sara wishes she could go back home to her mother.

Isabel interrupts Maximo and Julia as they are talking while everybody gets ready to leave. She notices that something is off between them but doesn’t say anything.

Chad tells Memo and Maximo that he has a new suspect in mind, Hector. He believes Hector was so hurt by Diane that he decided to get back at her by being a mole.


  • The episode is a typical chaotic episode but isn’t as funny as it could have been. The web of interactions keeps the episode on its feet but doesn’t have the required impact.
  • Sometimes these shows need to be criticised for how silly a particular plot is and how the writers expect the audience to simply pass it off as good fun. Chad suspecting Memo makes for a good plot, even though it could have been unravelled simply if Memo spoke in English about his suit.
  • Nora and Esteban’s dinner plot was inconsequential to the main story and is clearly a filler for the episode which doesn’t have the same intrigue as some of the other side adventures in the series.
Acapulco season 1 episode 7
Acapulco season 2 episode 7 recap & review: Always Something There to Remind Me 1

Director: Victor Nelli, Jr.

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