Acapulco season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Glory Days

In episode 3 of Acapulco, Maximo tells Hugo about a budding romance in his past and Memo gets a chance to be the hero. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Hugo and Maximo go to a restaurant to have some food and Hugo asks Maximo about the place he doesn’t want to visit. Maximo doesn’t want to talk about it so instead, he continues with his story, starting with the one good thing about work lately.

Sara and Nora are at odds with each other because of Sara’s breakup. Things are still slightly awkward between Maximo and Julia and Hector is still collecting half of Maximo’s tips.

The one thing that is fun about his day is when he meets Isabel and asks her what she has stolen from the hotel that day. Isabel invites Maximo to watch some lucha libre with her and her family and Maximo accepts.

Later, when he discusses it with Maximo and Lenora, they tell him how big of a deal it is to be included in the family. Maximo isn’t too sure he’s ready for that kind of a commitment so he decides to cancel the date.

An announcement is made on the PA making fun of Chad and when he goes to the reception, he sees that it’s his frat brothers from college. Since Maximo doesn’t remember any of their names, he calls them all Chad as well.

The Chads get together with Julia to share stories about her fiance’s glory days. The others think Chad’s life now is just a walk in the park but he tries to explain that he does a lot of work right when Hector comes in and tells him to run errands for his mother.

Chad goes to Maximo and asks him to be his hype man but Maximo suggests Memo do it instead because he’s better at it and Maximo is busy.

Don Pablo returns from his first vacation in years to see Diane waiting with a crisis. An inspector from the new investors came in to have a look and met with the maintenance guy who made some deals he didn’t have the authority to, including replacing the pool singers.

Memo is halfheartedly telling a story about Chad saving someone’s life to his friends when Chad is called away. He then does an impression of Chad and all the other Chads find it hilarious and ask him to do more.

Maximo goes to the restaurant where Isabel works to cancel the date but before he can, he realises that it’s her family’s restaurant and she introduces him to all of them. He feels too much pressure and avoids cancelling, instead volunteering to help out there.

When Chad returns, he sees Memo and the others making fun of him again so he proposes a game of beer pong to show off his superiority. He also tells Memo to cool down on the impressions a little. Memo says that he’s always the guy behind the hero and was enjoying the attention for once.

Maximo puts in a lot of work at the restaurant and enjoys his time overall. He gets to know a little more about Isabel’s life as well.

Chad and Memo decide to have an arm wrestling contest to settle who’s cooler but before they can go through with it, Julia comes in and stops it. She tells Chad that he doesn’t need to prove himself to the other Chads or bother about what they think.

Chad lets Memo take the victory in the arm wrestling match after listening to Julia. Don Pablo succeeds in getting the pool singers their jobs back but Diane says that something like this shouldn’t happen again, implying that Don Pablo should never take a vacation ever again.

Maximo gets his share of the tips for working at the restaurant that day and realises that he actually enjoyed working there. He also decides not to cancel his date and tells Isabel that he’s excited about it.


  • This episode showed some significant character growth for Chad, which has been pretty gradual throughout the series. He’s developing into a more clumsy lovable character.
  • Maximo and Isabel go well together and one of the best things this series has done is their portrayal of Maximo’s relationships, be it with Julia, Becca or now Isabel.
  • The meta joke including the pool singers is also a good piece of writing. Drawing attention to it and how much entertainment it adds to the hotel (and the series) is really great work.
Acapulco season 2 episode 3
Acapulco season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Glory Days 1

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