Acapulco season 2 episode 10 recap & review: Against All Odds

In the season finale of Acapulco season 2, Maximo begins rebuilding his life as everyone else gets ready for a new chapter in theirs. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Maximo and Hugo check out where Maximo’s old house used to be as he continues his story. Maximo and Sara want to have a small reception party for Nora and Esteban after their wedding but Nora says it’s not required.

Don Pablo is back at Las Colinas and so is another former guest for a visit, Rodolfo. He’s with a woman who he is supposed to be marrying but he secretly tells Don Pablo that he’s so tired of pretending.

Maximo invites Don Pablo home so that he can ask for his job back. Don Pablo says that it’s going to be a tall order but if he can prove that he’ll never be tempted by Espectacular again, maybe it could work.

Maximo says he has just the idea for that. When he meets Diane, he suggests that rather than being enemies with Fabian and Espectacular, they can make him a valuable ally.

He plans to selectively leak stories to Fabian with the permission of their guests. That way Espectacular gets a steady stream of stories and the celebrities visiting Las Colinas know that their privacy will be respected.

He also adds that Don Pablo has already spoken to one of the guests who has agreed to be part of the trial run for this idea.

Memo finds out that Lupe hid Lorena’s letter from him but when he reads it, he learns that Lorena won’t be coming back to Acapulco because her parents can’t afford it and she’s ending their relationship because she can’t bear to be away.

Sara visits Julia who is staying home to avoid meeting Chad on his final day. She’s also hiding from so many other people and Sara tells her that hiding doesn’t solve any of her problems.

Chad says his farewells to everyone and Julia shows up just before he leaves and says goodbye. After that, she meets Diane who initially jokes that she’s firing her.

Then she says that a few of the shops around want to showcase her clothes and asks Julia if she’s ready to ramp up production and Julia is ecstatic.

The first orchestrated collaboration between Las Colinas and Espectacular is Rodolfo’s wedding where they reveal that his fiance left him at the altar. Rodolfo’s homage was secured and Espectacular got their biggest story of the year.

Diane tells Maximo that this confirms that he has his job back. He thanks her and takes back one of the flower arrangements for his mother’s reception. Don Pablo and Diane agree that Maximo has done so much for the resort so they should do something in return.

Nora and Esteban head to the church for the wedding and Maximo and Sara stay behind to decorate the place but they are unsuccessful in doing a good job. However, Don Pablo, Diane and most of the staff of Las Colinas show up with tons of decorations and stuff.

Don Pablo tells Maximo that they’re giving him what he deserves for all of his hard work. They get to work as Maximo, Memo and Sara go to the church. When they return, the street is beautifully decorated and a party going on.

After facing Chad and Diane, Julia visits Isabel next and apologizes for not telling her what the deal was between her and Maximo. Isabel tells her to stop thinking about what others feel and do what she wants to do.

Maximo finds out that the position of head pool boy is available but when he asks Diane and Don Pablo about it, they tell him that he’s going to be training under Don Pablo to take over his job eventually instead.

There’s a moment in the present where Maximo watches his younger self walk up the steps and they have a conversation with each other. Maximo asks his younger self to not make the same mistakes as him and be obsessed with wanting more but the young Maximo says that it won’t be possible as he’s already lived those moments and there’s no changing it now.

Lupe shows up with Lorena and Memo is very happy to see her. Lupe says that she paid for everything and then tells Memo that he has a couple of months left to propose.

Nora gives a speech about love and then everyone parties as Maximo goes onto the roof where Julia finds him. She tells him that she wants to be with him and they kiss.

Maximo tells Hugo that this is just the beginning of their story and Hugo says that Julia chose to face the people she wanted to avoid so he should do the same.

They arrive at a house and Hugo assumes it’s Julia’s house but a young girl opens the door and when she sees Maximo, she addresses him as “dad”.


  • The season finale of Acapulco is quite pleasant and narratively well-structured. Several arcs are wrapped up in a satisfactory manner and the groundwork is laid for future directions.
  • The moment when Maximo talks to his younger self is a great moment of self-reflection where Maximo openly admits the mistakes he’s made and makes a failed plea to avoid making them. His younger self’s mature reply is what makes it all the more relatable.
  • The reveal of Maximo’s daughter is a swerve that many would not have expected and is a great hook for the arc taking place in the present. It raises more questions than answers and builds intrigue for the follow-up.
Acapulco season 2 episode 10
Acapulco season 2 episode 10 recap & review: Against All Odds 1

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