Acapulco season 2 episodes 1 and 2 recaps & review

In Acapulco season 2, Maximo and Hugo are headed to the Mexican town as Maximo continues to tell the story of his time at Las Colinas in 1985. The episodes are now streaming on Apple TV+.

Episode 1 recap: Break My Stride

Maximo and Hugo are getting on a plane to Acapulco along with Maximo’s driver/assistant, Joe. Joe hands Maximo his itinerary in which he added a location he believed Maximo would want to visit.

Maximo says he’s never going there again and starts telling his story to change the subject. It’s the new year and Maximo is not ready for what he has to face at the hotel.

Memo is also terrified of what might await him in the laundry room after he made out with Lenora and flipped off Lupe. But Maximo calms him down by saying that he’ll talk to Hector and get Memo the open spot of the pool boy.

Hector plays hardball with Maximo and gets him to run errands in exchange for giving Memo a chance to apply for the job. Chad is trying to have a conversation with Julia about their engagement while Maximo is avoiding her for that same reason.

Nora is beginning to have doubts about Sara so she tells her daughter not to hang out with Roberta anymore. Sara and Roberta think of ways to spend time together away from Sara’s mother.

Memo is given a huge amount of work by Lupe who tells him that if he doesn’t get it down, then he’ll be fired. Hector agrees to interview Memo.

Maximo runs into a girl named Isabella who works for a restaurant and delivers food to the hotel. Isabella is also friends with Julia and asks her about the engagement.

Julia expresses her doubts but Isabella tells her not to overthink things and just make a decision.

Memo is just about done with the laundry when Lupe brings in another huge pile. Maximo shows up and tells him that he needs to leave now for his interview with Hector.

Memo shows good observational skills and instinct for a pool boy but Hector says he has to interview other candidates as well. Julia tells Chad that she’s ready to get married to him and they should start planning the wedding.

There’s a new year’s tradition of releasing baby turtles into the ocean at Las Colinas and several guests and employees gather for it. Maximo watches the turtle scramble on the beach and gets inspired by their resolve.

Sara is suspiciously helpful at home and her mother begins to worry even more.

Maximo decides to take charge of his life, so first, he goes to Hector and makes a deal to share half his tips if Memo gets the job. He then meets Julia and tells her that he’s happy for her and ensures that they will remain friends.

Finally, he apologizes to Don Pablo for the way he spoke to him the previous night but Don Pablo hugs him. He thanks Maximo because through him and his mother, Don Pablo was reconnected with his son and grandson.

Then he tells Maximo that he’s going to help him succeed at the hotel and make himself indispensable to Diane.

Episode 2 recap: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Maximo and Hugo arrive in Acapulco and they take in their surroundings. Maximo continues telling his story in the car as he explains a complicated Mexican tradition which ends with him feeding tamales to everyone at work.

Things were looking up for Maximo at work. Memo was making working at the pool fun, and he was developing a friendship with Isabella, but there were still problems he had to deal with.

His family had been getting notices about the payment for Nora’s eye surgery and with Maximo giving half his tips, he was struggling to get the cash.

On their way inside the hotel, they run into Fabian Solares outside. Fabian is an anchor for the Espectacular on television and he asks them about a tennis pro that’s staying at the hotel but Maximo and Memo do not divulge any information.

Diane isn’t too thrilled about Chad and Julia’s wedding and it becomes pretty evident to them. Don Pablo tells Maximo that he’ll get a chance to be noticed by Diane today if he offers to chaperone for her friend the Tennis pro.

Hector tells Memo that there’s a customer with a big wallet who wants to sit in her favourite chair near the pool and Memo has to sit on the chair to make sure no one else takes it. Memo takes a while to wrap his head around the fact that he has to just sit down for work.

Maximo sees the tennis player, Aaron Azzaro and lets him know that he’s there to help. Aaron is pleased and tells him that there’s a big tip waiting for him at the end.

Nora catches Sara and Roberta hanging out in the town and she calls out to them. Sara says that Maximo broke up with Roberta after cheating on her and Sara was just consoling her.

Maximo is on his way to handle one of Aaron’s requests when he runs into Diane and her friend, Jann Bergland. Maximo realizes that he approached the wrong player and decides to do double duty for double the tip.

Maximo begins rushing around trying to serve both the players and leaves himself stretched thin. Meanwhile, Memo continues to sit on the chair and gets exhausted.

Julia talks to Diane and tells her that she needs to accept that Julia and Chad are getting married. Diane is not so confident it will last but Julia is willing to prove her otherwise.

Maximo forgets about the tamales and rushes home to get them. There he is confronted by his family and Roberta for his heinous actions of “cheating” on her. He admits to it and then leaves in a hurry.

When he gets back to the hotel, he sees Aaron and Jann arguing and when he tries to sneak away, they both catch a glimpse of him. Maximo finds himself in real trouble but Don Pablo steps in to save the day. After sending the players away, he asks Maximo what he was doing.

Maximo tells him the truth about meeting Aaron first and then trying to serve both of them for the tip. Don Pablo tells him that since he spoke to Aaron first, he can continue serving him while Don Pablo finds someone else to help Jann.

Everyone is enjoying the tamales when Isabella walks up to Julia and Chad. She asks them what they think of Maximo as a person because she might ask him out. Julia says that she should go for it but the uneasiness of that suggestion is visible on her face.

Maximo is done helping out Aaron and when it comes time for his tip, Aaron just gives him some tennis advice. Maximo says that he expected cash and Aaron gets annoyed and gives him just 5 dollars.

Maximo is irritated by this and suddenly realizes something. Because of everything that he observed, he learns that Aaron has a major secret to hide.

He meets Fabian outside and gives him the scoop in exchange for money. Fabian interviews Aaron live and exposes the fact that the tennis pro is wearing a wig.

Sara and Roberta manage to avoid further suspicion but Roberta breaks up with Sara because it’s all getting too much for her and she can’t risk getting caught by her father.

Maximo gets paid for his gossip but he tells Hugo that the decision was not a very good one and it comes back to bite him eventually.


  • The colour palette of the Las Colinas hotel is so bright and eye-catching and adds life to the series. As opposed to the filters used to depict Mexico on other platforms, here it shows off a completely different side.
  • Everything fun about the 80s is showcased in this series from the costumes to the music to Jessica Collins’ role as Diane, a typical 80s actress with all the defining traits of the time.
  • The blend of Spanish and English adds diversity to the series and has always been a strong point. It ensures that both sides are represented equally.
Acapulco season 2 episodes 1 & 2
Acapulco season 2 episodes 1 and 2 recaps & review 1

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