Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 9 recap & review: Sick Day

Abbott Elementary’ season 2 episode 8 sees Janine falling sick after eating a bad sandwich, with the substitution responsibilities in her absence falling on none other than Ava.


‘Abbott Elementary’ season 2 episode 9 opens with Janine opening the fridge to see her missing sandwich because Ava’s new eye mask products crowd all the shelves inside it.

Meanwhile, Janine checks up on her sandwich sitting in the sun for a long while and eats it. She has the call in sick the next day because of food poisoning, and try as she might, she can’t overcome the runs to retain her punctuality.

A requirement for a sub arises and Ava learns that there are none. Eventually, the principal has to substitute for Janine herself, and she does a relatively poor job at first, ignoring the rigorously constructed binder that Janine told her about and deviating from any modicum of schedule.

When Gregory has a word with her and she realises she can’t handle the class this way, she gets a bit sincere and starts following the schedule and the standard process that all teachers apply in their teaching.

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Meanwhile, Barabara and Melissa find great company in another teacher who takes the spot where Janine usually sits in the staff room. While Jacob is rubbed the wrong with her, the two seniors find her similarly no-time-for-childish-chatter attitude delightful.

However, when a colony of ants attacks the kitchen self and appliances, Barbara and Melissa miss Janine and her readiness to sort the problems out in similar situations, while their new friend flees to her convenience.

Monday arrives and so does Janine, having recovered a lot from before.

Barbara and Melissa, along with Gregory welcome her. At the same time, Ava stops her eye mask business after several products turn out faulty, and one such recipient customer of her bad products is Jacob, who she shoos away after refusing a reimbursement.


  • ‘Abbott Elementary’ season 2 ‘Sick Day’ is a riot of laughs throughout its runtime, with Ava being the front and centre of an episode carried almost solely by her effortless performance.
  • That said, while the other characters have shorter screen time, they utilise it well. Jacob in particular is really great in his often-overlooked character traits and even subtle little expressions.
  • Ava’s character is given more deserved time for growth and development and even though it’s already known she’s a competent and empathetic individual behind all that humorous facade, it’s always great to see more of that.
Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 9
Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 9 recap & review: Sick Day 1

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