Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 5 recap & review: Juice

The fifth episode of Abbott Elementary sees Janine introduce a new juice to the school’s menu that causes the kids to go to the restroom from time to time. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


Jacob walks into Ava’s office, wondering if there is a camera at school pointed toward the bike rack. Ava questions which kid has lost his bike and realizes that Jacob has.

She continues to interrogate Jacob about who might have stolen his bike, but he walks away, stating that it wasn’t his anyway.

A lunch committee meeting is in session where the lunch crew decides to add something new to their school’s menu. Teachers usually don’t attend these meetings, leaving everything in the hands of the professionals.

Except for one, as Janine makes sure to attend it, and this time around, she has come up with a nutritional juice that will be healthy for all the kids.

Janine gets everyone involved in the conversation about the juices, and Barbara makes a strong argument that the kids are fine with what they are used to drinking.

She suggests if it isn’t broken, there is no need to fix it. From her experience, she also explains that new projects can also introduce new problems.

Janine, on her side, had made up her mind and proceeded to introduce the new beverage.

Initially, she felt satisfied watching the kids enjoying the new juices until each and every one of them started going to the restroom time and again.

Soon, a whole line of students forms outside the washroom on the second floor. The kids also end up breaking the bathroom.

Barbara reiterated that she had warned Janine about it. Since Janine and Gregory’s students were going through a crisis, Barbara allowed them to use her kindergarten’s washroom.

The students lined up there, but when Barbara’s students needed the washroom, she asked Janine and Gregory’s students to go back.

Janine and Gregory decided to use Barabara’s kindergarten washroom while her students had a free period. Unfortunately, they ended up breaking the kindergarten washroom as well.

Now all they have is the third-floor bathroom, and the other bathrooms won’t be fixed until next week. All the students and teachers climbed up to the third floor to use the only washroom they have.

Janine apologized to Barbara, who in turn realized that this is broken and it can be fixed. She took Melissa’s baseball bat and destroyed the third-floor bathroom as well.

Thus, making this an emergency for the school so that the bathrooms will be fixed in time.

Still, for the rest of the day, the teachers and students had to opt for different ways, like going to the corner store to use the restroom. Except for Ava, who had a secret bathroom of her own, which she had kept hidden from everyone in the basement.

Amidst all of this, Ashley Garcia, a new aide, joins Melissa to help her teach. Things go messy as Ashley makes it difficult for Melissa by cracking jokes and having fun with students during class.

Melissa goes to Ava, who volunteers to monitor Ashley but ends up joining her in these adventures after realizing that Ashley is using her clothes, which she bought online.

Jacob later helps Melissa understand the way Ashley works. He suggests that she needs to join Ashley in her antics if she wants to have her way around. Melissa does the same, and eventually, they start coordinating with each other.


  • The enthusiastic Janine against the experienced Barbara went off really well. Though the whole main plot was predictable right from the very beginning.
  • The highlight of the whole episode would have been Ava, who surprisingly had claimed that she will monitor Ashley. It would have been quite interesting to see Ava go up against a personality much like her, but instead, she joins in on Ashley’s drama.
  • Ashley is an intriguing addition but the question remains if the viewers really need another Ava. If she could bring up a tad bit different personality, the character may pan out in the coming episodes.
Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 5
Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 5 recap & review: Juice 1

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