Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 13 recap & review: The Fundraiser

In Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 13, Barbara organizes a candy-selling fundraiser for a field trip to the Franklin Institute science museum.


Melissa is dishing out her bad impersonations while Jacob and Janine take a dig at it. Barbara announces she’s organizing a fundraiser where the students will sell candy to collect enough funds for a field trip to the science museum — the Franklin Institute.

While her students try to sell candy, with little success, Maurice greets Janine and asks her out on a date. She says yes and later tells Gregory about it, who has a word of advice for her, telling her to be careful with Maurice since he can be “intense.”

Meanwhile, Jacob and Mr. Johnson quarrel about a cat that the latter found in the janitor’s closet. They later fight over who gets custody of the cat. Melissa brokers peace between the two and arranges a schedule wherein Jacob gets to keep the cat except for the weekends when it’s Mr. Johnson’s turn.

However, the two are shattered to learn that the cat already has an owner and it’s a student.

Meanwhile, Barbara’s fundraiser turns out to be a dud when Ava tries to lend help; Barbara is usually reluctant to any help from Ava, but she has to eventually agree to let Ava lend her hustle expertise.

Ava’s help turns out to be a success, but her way of hustling is not a good lesson for the students, who all expertly collect funds from people through racial profiling, scamming, and other forms of fraudulent endeavors.

The problem only gets worse after the funds have been collected but the fundraiser continues, on Ava’s request since the time limit is not over yet.

Barbara witnesses the lessons she’s imparted to the students, who are asking for hiked-up prices for candy. She’s upset at one of the students doing it and later confronts Ava about it, who argues that the veteran teacher never had to grow up poor but she did, and hustling got her by.

Barbara realizes how she erred here and apologizes to the student she scolded earlier and then makes up with Ava as well. Meanwhile, Gregory wishes Janine all the best for her date with Maurice, and she chomps up on food as Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 13 comes to its conclusion.


  • Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 13 is a great return to form after the last episode which felt like the weakest entry of this season.
  • Ava’s jokes and puns won’t be half as hilarious if the one delivering them wasn’t her. Janelle James is a delight of hilarity.
  • That doesn’t detract from her other qualities, like standing up for the essential drive to survive in the face of morals that can quite often be afforded only by the privileged.
Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 13
Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 13 recap & review: The Fundraiser 1

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