Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 10 recap & review: Holiday Hookah

‘Abbott Elementary’ season 2 episode 10 sees Janine and Gregory get close after accidentally stumbling upon each other at a hookah bar while the rest of the faculty enjoy the Christmas spirit in their own ways.


‘Holiday Hookah’ begins with the faculty at Abbott Elementary getting ready for the holiday ahead as well as the festive season of Christmas. Jacob ditches his plans of participating in singing carols as he fears he’ll be made a background singer because of his subpar singing chops.

The teachers give each other Christmas presents while Barbara and Melissa excitedly look forward to their annual Christmas dinner. Jacob tries to join in while the two try and avoid him until they can’t.

Janine is taken to a hookah bar by her friend Erika, to loosen up a bit and enjoy a bit of her life as a single woman. At the line outside the bar, Janine stumbles upon Gregory, and moments after Ava also arrives at the same bar.

A hesitant and awkward Janine can’t go out and enjoy her time with her co-workers being there as well. Gregory eventually decides to erase some of the awkwardness and also asks Janine to go dance with him.

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While dancing, the two gradually come close and start having a good time, until Ava snoops in, forcing the two to flee outside. When the snowfall starts, the two come close and as they’re about to kiss each other, Greg’s phone buzzes and he has to leave to meet Amber.

Ava comes outside and takes Janine with her to another party, before revealing she has a boyfriend, who’s none other than basketball champion Andre Iguodala.

Meanwhile, Jacob becomes a party pooper several times, prompting Barbara and Melissa to go outside. Later on, he runs off to a shop to buy them gifts, before apologising for ruining their dinner as he has all the bad memories attached to Christmas.

It’s the greatest Christmas Jacob has ever had and when he apologises for ruining theirs, Melissa and Barbara warmly reassure him that he didn’t and appreciate his gifts.


  • ‘Abbott Elementary’ season 2 episode 10 is a warm little offering despite the winter Christmas season that’s the backdrop throughout the episode.
  • Janine and Gregory turn the heat up further with their increased intimacy but the union of these two love birds is still some episodes away, given it does happen within this season.
  • Barbara and Melissa’s acceptance of Jacob is a heartwarming little end to their arc in this episode, and it’s the affectionate moments where ‘Abbott Elementary’ truly shines.
Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 10
Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 10 recap & review: Holiday Hookah 1

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