1923 season 1 finale recap, review & ending explained

In the finale of the first season of 1923, Whitfield poses a threat to the legacy of the Duttons while Spencer and Alexandra face yet another challenge in their journey. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


Father Renaud’s men do not return with Teonna, and the Marshal who killed her grandmother comes to meet him. He also tells him that Teonna’s cousin has died. The Marshal needs the Father to come with him to search for and identify Teonna.

Teonna’s father finds her. He buries Hank and carves the words “child killer” on the chest of the two priests who found Teonna and Hank. Teonna, her father, and Hank’s son, Pete, ride together to escape the men who will come looking for them.

In court, Banner’s lawyer claims that Banner acted in self-defense, as Jacob killed his men first. Since no physical evidence has been submitted to prove Banner’s crimes, he is released without bail.

Banner challenges Jacob while leaving. He tells him that this will end in a field in front of Jacob’s house. Jacob accepts the challenge to kill Banner there.

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Teonna, her father, and Pete decide where they should go next. Her father warns her and Pete not to fall in love with each other and focus on surviving. He tells them that they can fall in love later.

Teonna does not believe in leaving things for later because she has been in danger since she was taken away from home.

She holds Pete’s hand, and her father does not object or say anything to the two. She later cries as Pete holds her.

Banner wants to kill the Duttons, but Whitfield explains that he intends to kill Jacob mercilessly by taking away the land he loves so much. This way, he will also get to make money without going to prison.

Whitfield continues to amuse himself by making the two sex workers hurt each other. He seeks pleasure in power.

Jacob goes to the bank to take a loan to feed the cattle through winter, while Zane goes to visit his family. The bank refuses to give him a loan and advises him to take out a mortgage, but Jacob does not want to leave his family in debt.

Alexandra, who is already feeling a little sick, is not happy to be on the same ship as her former fiancé, Arthur, for three weeks. Her old friend, Jennifer, who has come with Arthur’s party, comes to speak to her. 

Jennifer tells Alexandra that Arthur was devastated after she left. Alexandra tells her that she is in love with Spencer and that they are married now. When Jennifer warns her that she will be ostracized by all of London, Alexandra makes it clear that she does not care.

Alexandra does not want to hide anymore, so she takes Spencer to have dinner in the hall that evening. A furious Arthur insults Spencer, ignoring the repeated warnings of his father. 

Arthur challenges Spencer to a duel, and when he insults Alexandra, Spencer accepts the challenge. Spencer easily defeats Arthur, but he does not give up on attacking Spencer, resulting in Spencer throwing him overboard.

The captain of the ship arrives there and detains Spencer, as duels are illegal. Alexandra defends Spencer and initially, no one backs her word, but then Jennifer speaks up when Alexandra requests her. 

However, Spencer is still taken to the brings, and Alexandra is locked in her quarters when Arthur’s father reminds the captain of his rank. 

Elizabeth has a miscarriage, and Jack comforts her. He tells her that her purpose is not limited to giving birth to a child and that people choose their own purpose. 

1923 season 1 ending explained in detail:

How does Whitfield make his move?

At night, a man spies on Zane’s family. In the morning, his wife, Alice, is arrested for violating the Montana statute against miscegenation, and Zane is beaten up by the officers. 

Whitfield pays a visit to the Duttons. He tells Jacob that he has paid Jacob’s property tax, and if he is not repaid by the end of the year, the deed will revert to him.

Cara writes another letter to Spencer. She writes that he is their only hope. She asks him to hurry and reach home before it is too late. She then hopelessly crushes the letter and throws it away.

Where is Teonna going?

The Marshal and the Father find the bodies of the two priests. The Marshal hypothesizes that Teonna and her companions are going to go somewhere they will easily fit in.

He believes that they are going to the Comanche reservation, a reservation in the south with no law. As the way is wild and rough, they decide to take the train to reach there before Teonna and her companions and catch them by surprise. 

Teonna, her father, and Pete reach Wyoming. Teonna tells Pete that there is no turning back, and Pete replies that there is no turning back anyway.

Does Alexandra get separated from Spencer?

Jennifer goes to the captain and gives an account of the events that occurred during the duel; she tells them that Spencer acted in self-defense. 

However, as the ship is sailing under the British flag and the prince in succession wants Spencer removed from the ship, the captain has no choice but to follow the orders. 

Additionally, the Earl of Sussex has questioned the legality of Spencer and Alexandra’s marriage, and so Spencer is made to leave without Alexandra. 

Jennifer helps release Alexandra from her quarters. Alexandra runs to leave with Spencer, but she does not make it in time. She cries and hits Arthur’s father. She then yells to Spencer, who is being taken away, that she will meet him in Bozeman, Montana. 


  • The show’s portrayal of Whitfield as a ruthless, cold-hearted, power-hungry man who has the ability to manipulate people and turn them against their own is on point. He is the perfect antagonist that the show needs. 
  • Julia Schlaepfer shines in the scene where Alexandra talks about the tragedy of not everyone finding love like hers. Although the scene is short, Schlaepfer’s acting is so brilliant that she is able to portray a myriad of emotions in just a few lines.
  • Jack and Elizabeth’s discussion about the purpose of women’s lives highlights the strength of Cara’s character at the risk of sounding anachronistic. However, overall, the scene is touching. 
  • Similar to the other episodes, this episode also touches upon the topic of racism. Be it the greater value placed upon the lives of white people or the depiction of anti-miscegenation laws, the show does it with an intensity that the viewers can feel.
  • The finale has its fair share of emotional scenes. The show successfully makes the viewers feel for the characters by familiarising them with the characters first. It is a worthy finale, as the scenes truly leave an impact. 
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