Unlock: ZEE5’s horror film about a smartphone app

Source: ZEE5

The ZEE5 original, Unlock starring Hina Khan and Kushal Tandon is premiering this month on the platform.


Hina Khan talked about the premise of the film:

“Technology is changing so fast and its reach is growing IMMENSELY. With unlock we will show the dark side of the web which a lot of people are unaware of. I’m glad for this association with ZEE5 and excited about this interesting film.”

Hina Khan

Unlock’s official description reads:

When Suhani realizes that she is about to lose her love Amar, she decides to download an app that is believed to grant a person’s most sinister wishes. Get ready for a spine-chilling ride with this gripping thriller.

The official teaser showcases glimpses of what the malicious app is capable of. The sequence of events teased are not pretty and the wishes granted may have dire consequences.

The techie-horror flick also stars Aditi Arya and Rishabh Sinha, with Debatma Mandal as the director.

ZEE5 has confirmed it will release the web film on June 27.

Check out the teaser below:

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