ZEE5’s Hypershots set to take on TikTok in August

ZEE5 has announced that it will be launching its short video platform named Hypershots in August to battle against platforms like TikTok and Instagram in the market.

The platform will allow users to create user-generated videos that are between 15 seconds to 90 seconds. All videos and content will require an approval before it is displayed to the public.

The streaming platform made the official announcement earlier last year regarding this new venture. Reportedly, the official name of the platform may also be HiPi.

Initially, Hypershots will run on an ad-supported business model. However, it is likely to move to a subscription based model in the future.

Hypershots is said to be getting into beta-testing phase sometime next week.

Besides creating Hypershots, the company has heavily invested in data as well. Prior to receiving a possible data breach earlier this year, ZEE5’s CEO Tarun Katial stated the following last year:

We have invested in a consumer data platform which enables us to build smaller and smaller cohorts and segments. Somebody would be a TV show lover, some enjoy watching thrillers, while there is a segment which likes to watch new age women stories, there are language preferences too, also the frequency of usage. We are able to send personalised notifications to consumers based on all these parameters. We now operate in 1,200 segments of users, 

Last year, ZEE5 also announced a tie up with the Parisian video game studio Gameloft in order. to bring 10 video games under its umbrella.

ZEE5 has currently been moving from strength to strength by creating and streaming new originals such as Never Kiss Your Best Friend‘s lockdown edition and AIB’s Chintu Ka Birthday.

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