You’re Nothing Special: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

You’re Nothing Special is a Netflix teen comedy fantasy series that follows Amaia and her inherited powers from her grandmother.

Release date

You’re Nothing Special will premiere on Netflix on September 2, 2022.

Cast and creators

• Dèlia Brufau
• Oskar de la Fuente
• Elia Galera
• Jaime Wang
• Jordi Aguilar
• Gabriel Guevara
• María Mercado
• Víctor Pérez
• Miriam Cabeza

Created by Estíbaliz Burgaleta

Directed by Laura M. Campos and Inma Torrente


“After moving from Barcelona to her mom’s boring town, Amaia discovers she may have inherited powers from her grandmother, rumoured to have been a witch.”

Other details

This is Netflix’s first TV series shot entirely in Navarre, Spain’s northernmost region.


When word gets out at school that Amaia has inherited her grandmother’s magical abilities, her new village life starts to become much more interesting. She faces challenges and mishaps as she learns more about her magical abilities, all while attempting to live a normal teenage life.

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