Yalgaar: CarryMinati’s new video to hit YouTube soon

Fans are all excited and geared up after CarryMinati put out a Trailer for his new video “Yalgaar”

After a long-drawn battle of roasting between TikTok and YouTube creators, he has announced his new video “Yalgaar” and the trailer is already trending on YouTube.

It shows snippets of series of events after the “TikTok Vs YouTube: The End” video came out.

Here is the official tweet from CarryMinati:

Ajey Nagar, known as CarryMinati, is an Indian YouTuber who is famous for his roasting skills. This 20-year-old creator has 19.4 million subscribers to his name. Carry, who is super popular among the youth had recently released a roast video “TikTok Vs YouTube: The End” as a reply to Amir Siddiqui (a TikTok influencer) on his comments about YouTube content creators.

Carry’s fans appreciated the video so much that the video broke many YouTube records before it was taken down by YouTube for violating its policy on harassment and bullying. Carry’s fans started a movement against it and this went on to affect TikTok’s rating on the play store which went down to 1 .5 stars from 4.5 stars.  

Well, it seems that Carry’s silence on the removal of the video was just the silence before the storm as CarryMinati tries to make a statement from this trailer. 

In the video CarryMinati can be heard narrating:

“Carry roast karta hai, Carry bhot zor se roast karta hai aur Carry roast karega”

Some of the record that his previous video broke were that it became the fastest Indian video to 5M likes (22 Hrs), most liked Indian video in first 24 Hours (5.2M likes), 2nd most liked video in the World in first 24 Hours (5.2M likes), most Subscribers gain in 24 Hours (1.3M), 8th most viewed Indian video in first 24 Hours (19.96M views)

Is it the end of the battle yet or is there still more to come? Well whatever may be the course of events it surely is going to be interesting.

Don’t miss out, Check out the trailer below:

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