Windfall: Release date, cast and trailer

‘Windfall’ is a Netflix film that revolves around an affluent couple who discover a guy breaking into their getaway residence, a situation that takes a brutal turn.

Release date

‘Windfall’ is set to premiere on March 18 on Netflix.

Cast and creators

  • Jason Segel
  • Lily Collins
  • Jesse Plemons
  • Omar Leyva.

Directed by: Charlie McDowell.

Written by: Justin Lader and Andrew Kevin Walker.


“A young couple who arrive at their vacation home only to find it’s being robbed.”

Other details

Alex Orlovsky, Duncan Montgomery, McDowell, Segel, Collins, Plemons, and Jack Selby produce Windfall with David Duque Estrada, Elika Portnoy, Rick Covert, Walker, and Lader serving as executive producers.


A guy sneaks into a rich couple’s holiday house, only for them to turn up while he is still inside, prompting a split-second choice to hold the pair hostage in order to extract more money. The spouse, along with underlying conflicts with his wife and a common past between the man and him, show through. All of this takes a violent turn.

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